Listen to a 4-Year-Old Sing "Let It Go" from 'Frozen' and Die of Cuteness

It's easy to blame the Internet for a lot of things it doesn't deserve credit for, but this time it's different. Because after hearing 4-year-old Ella belt out "Let It Go" from the new Disney film, Frozen , I have a weird urge to have a child solely for adorable YouTube video purposes. Damn you, Internet: damn you straight to hell!

Of course anyone else who listens to the tune will feel the same, so perhaps the blame should be foisted on Ella's uncle, Danny, who recorded the whole thing from the first "Let it doe! Let it doe!" to the last. Ella's attempt at Disney Princess-hood has ruined our productivity and overwhelmed us with a weird maternal need we'd never previously been privy to and freaking us right the fuck out in the process. That's right: this video's cute quotient is downright crisis-inducing!

Although imagine what it must be like to be Danny, who has spent hours of his days (according to a quote from BuzzFeed) watching Ella tackle all "the Disney numbers and practicing her routines in the corresponding princess garb, dance moves and all. And she will try as hard as possible to match every syllable and every move." Not at all surprising when you hear the commitment and passion in the girl's warped and warbly rendition.


Another tidbit, according to the Internet's current favorite viral gewgaw collector? The song's original singer — Idina Menzel — has heard Ella's version, which must've been as wonderful, charming, and adorable a moment as any singer could experience. (We are curious to know if the film's director, Jennifer Lee, has also heard it.) One can only hope that a live-action parody featuring Ella is soon to follow. Because children are no longer children anymore — merely future viral videos-to-be — and for right now we're selfishly more than OK with that.