A Zombie Gigi Hadid Halloween Costume That's Both Spooky & Stylish — PHOTOS

"Model off duty" is a relatively simple Halloween costume — ripped jeans, black booties, leather moto jacket, white tee, oversized sunnies. Done. But getting a little more specific and a little scarier will earn you way more points on October 31 (and it won't cost you much more, either.) Here's how to pull off a zombie Gigi Hadid Halloween costume, because, seriously, she'd probably still look unbelievable as a member of the undead (and so will you.)

Zombie cheerleaders are a little been-there-done-that, as are zombie princesses and zombie brides (although the "ex-wife" is a hilarious Mean Girls classic now.) Zombie models, though, are a creative and fun new take, especially when you choose an It Girl like Gigi. Got a girl squad you're going with? Why not throw Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss into the mix.

You probably already have almost everything you need, too — the glorious thing about Gigi is that her street style is stylish, yet simple, so you can play with the clothes you use. Black or blue jeans, moto jacket or blazer, booties or sneakers... it's all about the confidence. Here are a few Gigi uniforms to use as a starting point:

Here's what you need to pull of the perfect Zombie Gigi Hadid uniform.

The Makeup

This is arguably the most important step of any zombie costume, be it a model or a Walking Dead character. Unfortunately, this means you'll have to forgo the classic oversized sunglasses, but it'll be worth it. Bustle's fabulously talented Miki Hayes did a superb zombie makeup tutorial and found the perfect balance between pretty and creepy:

I'm personally not into the intensely gory recreations, and her version is perfectly glam for an undead model. She used a white eyeliner pencil and white shadow to create the base, then added spooky contouring with dark eyeshadow and subtle veins with a red pencil. (Her step-by-step breakdown gives awesome direction.) To Gigi-fy the the look, try adding a touch of her signature California girl gold eyeshadow and opting for a lip that's just lighter than a neutral instead of the black.

The Hair

OK, so I'd love to have Gigi's hair every day as it is, not just on Halloween. If you've already got long blonde hair, fabulous. A wavy blowout will get you the most natural results — here's how:

Tara Gabrielle on YouTube

Not a long blonde hair kinda girl? Pull your hair back into a messy low bun after blowing it out and use a temporary blonde hair spray on what's visible.

(High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-On, $4.95, houseofbeautyworld.com)

The Model-Off-Duty Uniform

Another important aspect of an undead Gigi Hadid costume is the zombie apocalypse-worthy street style. The model-off-duty formula is simple: ripped jeans + cool-girl jacket + plain tee + stylish shoes + one piece of jewelry — less is more, which makes the outfit part of this costume fabulously easy. (Like I said, we're forgoing the sunglasses in the interest of Miki's killer zombie makeup, but that's OK.) Here are a few ideas:

Ripped boyfriend jeans fit right into the zombie vibe. (Click on Zombie Gigi Hadid Costume #1 for product details on Polyvore)

Models love their denim — try a worn-out jean jacket over black skinnies. (Click on Zombie Gigi Hadid Costume #2 for product details on Polyvore)

Classic sneaks are stylish and comfy. (Click on Zombie Gigi Hadid Costume #3 for product details on Polyvore)

Go with distressed jeans if you already have 'em, and rip up the tees for an extra grungy touch. Neutral and muted colors always work. If you're wearing something you're not too worried about staining, try adding fake blood accents:

Ashley Hester-Ashley on YouTube

The Pop Star Boyfriend

Want to turn this into an awesome pop culture couple costume? Convince your S.O. to be the Joe Jonas to your Gigi. You'll be the It undead couple at any halloween party.

He'll need a graphic tee, dark slim-cut jeans, cool sneaks, and possibly a jacket, too. Like so:


Barbie and Ken have nothing on zombie Gigi and Joe.

Images: Tillys, keeping_it_up, DenimBlog/Twitter; Miki Hayes; Courtesy of brands