Lamar Odom's Condition Is Reportedly Improving

It looks like the news surrounding Lamar Odom's hospitalization after he was found unconscious at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, might finally be taking a turn for the better. According to E! News, the former NBA player is reportedly no longer comatose, and is actually responsive — to the point that, according to CNN, sources actually claim he spoke to estranged wife Khloé Kardashian, who has been keeping vigil at his bedside. Though E! Online's reports stress that these alleged updates on Odom's condition don't mean he's "out of the woods" just yet, it's definitely amazing to hear. Since his hospitalization, many have been eagerly awaiting news that Odom would become responsive — and thankfully, reports have begun to state that he has.

Odom was originally hospitalized on Tuesday, after he was found unconscious at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South. The 35-year-old former NBA player has been recovering at the Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following his hospitalization, Odom's rep Eve Sarkisyan released a statement to Us Weekly , saying, “Family and friends are extremely concerned for Lamar... please don't listen to the false information being circulated unofficially. Please respect the family's privacy during this difficult time.”

Additionally, the Nye County Sheriff's Department, which responded to 911 calls of Odom falling unconscious, released a press release Tuesday detailing Odom's condition:

Here are the newest updates about Odom's health as of Saturday, October 17:

Odom's Aunt Stated That He's Awake

On Friday, Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer released a statement to Us Weekly stating that Odom "gave a thumbs up to the doctors this morning and said a few words to them."

Sources Claim He Can Communicate

According to CNN and E! Online, a "source with knowledge of the situation" reported that Odom was conscious enough to tell his estranged wife Kardashian "hey baby," and give her another thumbs up on Friday afternoon.

He's Reportedly Breathing On His Own

E! Online reports that Odom is no longer using a breathing tube, which means that he's allegedly conscious and breathing on his own (with the help of a breathing mask, reports ESPN). Although that same report claims that he is still in critical condition, these are good signs.

His Heart Function Is Reportedly Improving

Early Friday, TMZ reported that Odom's heart "is on the mend," and that this is a huge sign of improvement. E Online also reported that Odom had a normal EKG test, and that his heart rate and blood pressure are reportedly stable.

However, Sources Report That His Vital Organs Are Still Seriously Damaged

Even though things are looking up, there's still much healing that needs to be done. According to CNN, Kris Jenner (Odom's estranged mother-in-law) told Access Hollywood on Friday that Odom's vital organs remain in critical condition.

As of Friday evening, E! Online reported that Odom is experiencing kidney failure, and that the any extent of the damage to his brain won't be completely understood until he's fully awake.

Kardashian Is Still Making All The Medical Decisions

Soon after hearing of Odom's condition, Kardashian flew in to see her estranged husband. Odom's father, his two kids, and their mother, Liza Morales, have also been by his side. According to E! Online, Kardashian hasn't left his bedside and is reportedly still making all of the medical decisions — the site even claims she's the decision maker when it comes to hospital visitors.

Although E! News reports that it seems Odom is not completely out of the woods just yet, his conditions have reportedly vastly improved. Stay tuned for more updates on the NBA star's health.

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