How to Bring Surf Spray to Its Full Potential

If the heatwave in L.A. and oppressive humidity (slash flash flooding) in NYC are any indicator, summer has arrived, you guys! It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for gloss to get too gooey or mascara to turn unintentionally goth/punk. This weekend we reached eyeliner’s melting point. Trust, although you probably know.

So how to beat the summer melt and look as presentable as possible, all things considered? There are two options with hair, really. One, keep it off your face and neck, either with a great short cut, a braid, a pony, whatever does it for you.

The other option is to embrace that natural summer texture and channel a beach goddess. Surf spray, ladies— stock on up. Yes, it’s a little messy, but so is summer. Surf Spray is a wonder come the humid, hot months. But it isn’t complete magic—there’s a trick involved: It takes a little finger action.

If the last thing you need in the humidity is wet hair on your neck, try this:

1. Start by spritzing damp hair at the ends and middle of hair, easing up near the roots.

2. Twirl hair in sections of varying size while blow-drying upside down, blasting cool air after the twisted shape has set.

Ultimately, the waves will be a little messy-looking, but summer is the most casual of seasons. (Vacation for everyone!) With long tresses, you can spray the salty stuff on damp hair and throw it up in a bun while it dries.

Now to keep it all clean and breezy, stay hydrated, bring along a fan (homemade paper will do it)—and avoid having the infamous air conditioner drip fall on you. And, if all else fails, three showers a day may also help with feeling fresh.

Image: @bumbleandbumble on Instagram