Evan Pike Is 'Gotham's Latest Troublemaker

If there's one way that Gotham Season 2 has improved upon the first, it's how the series has crafted more memorable villains than "Balloonman" and "The Spirit of the Goat." This Monday's episode will introduce the Pike brothers, a pair of arsonists lead by eldest Joe. There's also a smaller member of the family getting in on the destruction: Evan Pike, played by Noah Robbins. One of the reasons why these new characters are more compelling than those in Season 1 is that groups like the Pikes have history in Gotham as it begins to transform into the corrupt city that will eventually become Batman's stomping ground.

As a spry-looking guy, Evan looks like he could have easily made for Season 2's Firefly, a villain known for being a masked arsonist, which makes it even more interesting that instead, the writers have decided to make Bridgit Pike, Evan and Joe's sister, into the DC comics character instead. Since Bridgit is described by TV Line as "enslaved" by her brothers, it sounds like Evan will not be very kind to his sister, meaning he could be one of her very first targets.

Robbins, a theater actor and social media-er, will first join Gotham in "Scarification," alongside Leo Fitzpatrick's Joe and Michelle Veintimilla's Bridgit. You can get a preview of some of the damage they'll inflict in the preview below.

Robbins offered a hint at his character's appearance via his Twitter back in August, when "Scarification" was filmed. He actually looks pretty put together for a street kid. Then again, so does Selina Kyle — I guess Gotham City is a fashionable place, even for petty crooks.

While on the subject of Robbins' Twitter, check out what he had to say about Gotham's future hero and current billionaire tween.

Gotham already has its Bruce Wayne, who's wrapped up in the machinations of Theo Galavan. But if for whatever reason the show needs another version of the future, they can always call Evan Pike to back them up. For now, it seems much more likely that both of the Pike brothers — and their sister — will remain on the villainous side of the city divide.