Grace's Mom Could Be The Key On 'Scream Queens'

By Kaitlin Reilly

American Horror Story may be the Ryan Murphy series that gets the most credit for its shock factor, but new horror comedy Scream Queens is certainly giving it a run for its money. Right now there's one question on everyone's mind about the new series, and it's who the Red Devil could be on Scream Queens . We know that the masked killer has plenty of accomplices — Boone was working so closely with them that he was able to successfully fake his own death — but we still have no idea who is going around and actually doing the killing. Maybe that's because we don't know the person underneath the mask at all. I think the Red Devil could be Grace's mom, and it's a twist that would change everything.

Most fans have assumed that the Red Devil is someone we have already met on the series, and Grace's mom may not actually be an exception to that. In the very first episode of Scream Queens, we met several sorority sisters from the Kappa house of the '90s, including one who died in the bathtub after giving birth to a baby girl. We assumed that this sorority sister really died, but what if she didn't? What if Grace's mom was that sorority girl in the bathtub, and Grace was the baby? Seeing how quickly the sorority sisters had her death covered up would certainly give her reason to seek revenge.

It's also worth noting that the drama on Scream Queens didn't begin until Grace arrived at college. Things seem to center around Grace: she's the eyes of the audience and, barring some major event that turns this trope on its head, seems to be our "Final Girl," aka the character who will be left standing after all of the killer's bloodshed. If she is our Final Girl, then there has to be some major reason why the Red Devil would rise shortly after her arrival to campus, and then not go after her the way they have other victims.

The connection could very well be that the Red Devil wanted to keep a close eye on her daughter while carefully planning out her revenge on Grace's Kappa sisters. And let's not forget that though Grace's closest friend Zayday was kidnapped, she was treated to a plate of her favorite nachos, and though that dinner was certainly creepy, she survived it. Could that be because the Red Devil didn't want to hurt her daughter's BFF?

Then there's the fact that Grace's dad is so heavily involved in the Scream Queens plot. Why is he such a major character if he doesn't have some connection to all of this mayhem? We learned in the episode "Pumpkin Patch" that Gigi is working with the Red Devil, all the while actively pursuing Grace's dad. Maybe her relationship with Grace's father has a lot more to do with helping the Red Devil than finding a cute dude to date. The relationship between Grace's parents may not have been as peachy as her dad made it seem.

We don't have all of the pieces of this Red Devil mystery yet, and with half a season left, there are plenty of more clues to pick up along the way. While new suspects may emerge in the upcoming episodes, I'm keeping my eye on all clues that could point to Grace's mom as the killer — it might be the most jaw-dropping Scream Queens twist yet.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; Giphy (2)