Gigi Has So Many Secrets On 'Scream Queens'

OK, so we've known since the moment we met Gigi on Scream Queens that she's, uh, a little unhinged. At first, I was all about giving her the benefit of the doubt — especially since she has amazing '90s-inspired fashion sense and provides epic one-liners such as: "It'll be like a Friends episode... except someone is trying to kill all the friends." When she was revealed as the Hag of Shady Lane last week, I tried not to jump to conclusions — because, hey, maybe she has her reasons for hacking up dolls (I couldn't think of any offhand, but that doesn't mean anything). But, in the Oct. 13 episode, "Pumpkin Patch," we definitively learned that Gigi is working with the Red Devil on Scream Queens. She is, as Denise Hemphill would say, "in #Cahoots" with the show's villain.

This doesn't really bode well for Grace, since her dad is having regular salad dates and trysts with with Gigi — and Gigi is super eager to have some stepmother/stepdaughter bonding time. Yikes. But, could it mean that Wes is involved? It's definitely a possibility. While a crazed killer roams the Wallace University campus, Wes chose to screen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Grace's film studies class. And, while he may just be an overprotective parent, we can't ignore the fact that he's been on campus throughout the Red Devil's killing spree — and both he and Gigi emerged without a scratch after last week's break-in at the Kappa House.

We know that Gigi took care of the baby born in the bathtub in 1995 — and she was very likely in the Kappa House when the baby's mother, Sophia, died. Plus, it's starting to seem like a definite possibility that Grace herself is the baby who was born in the bathtub. It's pretty convenient that Wes told his daughter her mom died in a fire when she was two years old, and all her belongings were destroyed. Perhaps Gigi and Wes have decided to reunite and seek revenge for Grace's mother's death all these years later.

From now on, I think we need to assume that Gigi's going to always be one step ahead of us. The majority of the Kappa Sisters peaced out to jam to "Waterfalls" back in 1995, but one girl stayed behind with Sophia and her baby. If that was Gigi, then maybe she killed Sophia and staged it as an accident so she could have Wes to herself. I'll admit this theory is pretty far-fetched, but it's possible — we know she's more than a little obsessed with Grace's dad in present day. Since Gigi's psyche is stuck in the '90s, those feelings could have carried over from her days at Wallace University.

And, we still have our central mystery to focus on — who the heck is behind the Red Devil mask? The last scene of "Pumpkin Patch" indicated that Gigi is the one giving orders and the Red Devil is under her command. It's possible that she's paying someone on campus to systematically kill off students — and, considering the Kappa Sisters aren't especially well-loved, it wouldn't have been hard for her to recruit someone.

I'm sure there are many more shocking reveals to come — but we'd all be wise to keep a close eye on Gigi. And poor Grace really needs to watch her back.

And for more Scream Queens, check out star Abigail Breslin in this Pumpkin Spice overload PSA:

Image: Patti Perret/FOX