'OUAT' Is Attempting The Impossible With Excalibur

For five seasons now, we never though to think that the Dark One's dagger might be part of something bigger. Now that Once Upon A Time has taken us to Camelot, we know that it's only one half of Excalibur, the legendary sword in the stone. The dagger and Excalibur are supposed to be joined together, and whoever wields the sword gets ultimate power, and whatever else comes along with the sword (the exact terms have not actually been discussed). But the sword's still in to pieces. So how will OUAT make Excalibur whole again? It seems as if everyone has their own plan for it right now.

The current owner of the top part of Excalibur, King Arthur, wants the whole sword to fulfill his prophecy, along with ruling his kingdom. See, Camelot is kind of a mess. He's got it in his mind that if he's got the full sword, everything will be A-OK. It probably won't be. But let's let him keep his little fantasy, OK?

It feels like Arthur hasn't really thought through his entire Excalibur plan. He just knows in his soul that having both pieces is what he needs to be a true ruler. And this is even after his quest pushes Guinevere, and then he literally enchants her to make everything better. So he's probably going to go with enchantment to make Excalibur whole again.

The current owner of the other part of Excalibur, Emma, has different ideas. Back in Camelot, she's trying to get away from the sword, and she mostly succeeds. It's present day Storybrooke that we've got to be worried about. The top of the sword has somehow found its way back into a big, old stone, and now she's got to pull it out. That's a lot easier said than done, because she needs a hero to do it, and her only hero right now is actually a coward because it's Rumple.

Once Emma gets the sword out, then what? She's already the most powerful in the land, so what will completing Excalibur really do for her? Part of me thinks that it's actually a way to open portals and jump back and forth between then, just like a magic bean.

Excalibur as a whole could hold completely different powers, though. Too bad no one really knows what exactly will happen. The only one who probably does is Merlin, and he's currently stuck inside of a tree right now. So maybe instead of working so hard on trying to make it whole in the past in Camelot and the present in Storybrooke, someone should work on setting Merlin free? I bet that's a task that will really reunite everyone together. And maybe give Regina, the new savior, something to do.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC