Get Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty Smoky Eye

Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty line has arrived with much fanfare, as it was the next logical step in her mega-successful lifestyle line. As is the case with Alba x Honest, she is hands-on with the products. In this video, you can get Jessica Alba's smoky eye with Honest Beauty products. It's super easy to replicate, especially when you can watch the products as they are applied and you are provided with a complete list of what items were used to get this look!

Honest Beauty boasts 83 products, so there are a lot of other looks to experiment and play with. But this one is gorgeous and uncomplicated.

This tutorial clip is about 10 minutes long, but the commentary from Alba and celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder really make it fly by so it feels much shorter.

It's a step-by-step creation by Blunder on Alba so it's virtually mistake-proof. It's a rendering of the "sexy smoky blue eye" that Blunder did for one of Alba's TV appearances.

Alba recommends the look for upcoming holiday parties, but it's also good for date nights out!

As a mogul and a mother of two, Alba doesn't have tons of time to do her makeup. This look is so easy and supremely sexy.

You even get to see the gorgeous actress bare-faced as she gets made up for this tutorial. What a natural stunner, right?

It's not only about the brown x silvery blue smoky eyes. You can see how Blunder buffed foundation with a brush.

You also see how she contoured on the cheeks, the nose, and the hairline. The Kardashians aren't the only contour-ers!

My favorite part was watching Alba's full brows transform! It was so simple and easy with just a few strokes of a brow pencil.

While Alba is naturally stunning, you can see her look come to life with the transformative products. Blunder mixed brown and blue eyeshadow palettes and products.

But the base of the look was a smudgeable brown liner.

To keep the blue hue modern, Blunder suggested that you don't go too high up on the lid. Keep it close to the lashline, pat it on, buff it out, and keep it below the crease.

See the gorgeous mix of blue and brown. It's so pretty and unexpected. Blunder also added concealer after she created the brown x blue look, since you have to clean up the shadow dust and fallout. You don't want to wipe off concealer when cleaning up the flecks.

Alba also took the wheel and applied the products herself, which is awesome, since most of us don't have our own personal makeup artists creating flawless looks with our faces as the canvas. She showed the viewer that this look is doable on your own.

The actress also shared her secret about erasing any fine lines around the eyes when doing a bold, heavy eye makeup look. It involves the Magic Balm and a Q-tip.

Add some pretty blush...

... and a matte lipstick.

There you have it! A soft, beautiful look. Yes, it's a lot of products, but they are quick and easy to use and they come together to form... this!

Watch the full video below to watch the full video for this look.

Images: monikablunder/YouTube (14)