7 Last Minute Costumes For Lazy Girls Who Also Love Fashion

Even if you are all about keeping up with the current trends, somehow Halloween always seems to creep up without warning — or the perfect costume on hand. This is where last minute, easy Halloween costumes come into play for girls who love fashion. Sometimes, all it takes is a browse through your closet or your favorite thrift store to put together a last minute costume that will still be stylish and memorable. All you need is a little Halloween fashion inspiration!

The best fashion costumes for lazy babes are the ones that consist of only a few simple, yet effective, items. What's the point in investing in a pre-packaged Halloween costume that's going to empty your wallet and only give you one night of wear? Instead, you'll want to opt for something a little more creative and accessible, that you can put together the night-of while still making a major statement. Consider the celebrities and fashion icons who you admire and look up to for style guidance all year round. They are probably the best source for your Halloween costume inspo. Here are seven last minute Halloween costumes for fashionably lazy girls.

1. Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte was the essence of French fashion: classic, sensual, and chic. Get her look with lots of stripes and even more hairspray! And don't forget her signature shy, sexy glance.


Yoga Headband, $4.99, suddora.com

AEO Striped Ballet Back Cropped T-Shirt, $11.99, ae.com

High Waisted Trouser, $238, tamaramellon.com

2. Kate Middleton

Our favorite royal babe has all the qualities of a great costume. She dresses fashionably, yet still relatively modest, and all you need to replicate her look is a great shift dress, some loose curls, and some fancy headwear courtesy of your local vintage store.


Gray Fascinator Scarlett Mesh Couture English, $35, etsy.com

ASOS Exaggerated Angel Sleeve Pencil, $86, asos.com

3. Rihanna in BBHMM

Whether she's on the red carpet, or kidnapping her accountant's wife, Rihanna can do no wrong fashion-wise.


Signature Ponte Blazer, $99.99, llbean.com

Slim Fit Treggings, $17.99, hm.com

Amici Accessories Small Bandana, $3.98, nordstrom.com

4. A Runaway Bride

If ever there was an opportunity to buy a thrifted wedding dress for $10, this is it. Strap on some sneakers and you're a bride on the run!


ASOS WEDDING Ruched Bodice Bandeau Midi Dress, $99, asos.com

New Balance For J.Crew 620 Sneakers, $85, jcrew.com

5. Anna Wintour

Who better to dress up as on Halloween than the Queen of Fashion herself? A big fur coat and glasses that swallow your face are a must.


Barbara Ann Bob Wig, $22.95, findcostume.com

ASOS Oversized 70s Sunglasses, $18, asos.com

Forever21 Faux Fur Coat, $61.90, forever21.com

6. Daisy Buchanan

For the fashionable and literary babe: The Great Gatsby leading lady is equal parts elegance and elusiveness. Dig through your closet and search for the sparkliest ensemble you can scrounge up.


Great Gatsby Flapper Headband, $23.79, etsy.com

Flirty Flapper Beige Sequin Shift Dress, $79, lulus.com

7. A Yeezy Season Model

Randy Brooke/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Break out every neutral-colored clothing item you own, pile it on, and sport your best apathetic Kanye face.


Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter Leotard, $25, americanapparel.com

ASOS Skin Firming Support 50 Denier Tights, $8.50, asos.com

Neiman Marcus Zip-Front Cotton Cardigan, $39.50, lastcall.com

Stay safe — and chic — this Halloween!

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