Sofia Just Revealed Her Wedding Dress Designer

While I'm eagerly awaiting to see what one of Hollywood's most famous power couples' wedding will look like, I can at least satisfy my curiosity with one new shared detail: Sofia Vergara's wedding dress designer is Zuhair Murad, according to Glamour. While no one knows the exact details of the whole wedding look yet (though I'm confident she'll look like a total knock-out in it, obviously), apart from probably Vergara and Murad, there are some tidbits of information floating around the Internet. According to News Weekly's source, it "will be “a custom-made, fairy-tale frock." I'm picturing the most dreamy, magical, fit-for-a-queen goan imaginable, aren't you?

Those that know Sofia's style and keep up with her award season gown choices won't be surprised with the news of Murad as the designer, seeing how the Modern Family actress favors his designs when it comes to glamming her up for the red carpet. According to Glamour, "She’s worn the label consistently since 2012, most recently picking a floor-length purple gown by the designer for the Vanity Fair Oscars Party this year. Last year alone the design house dressed her for the Chef premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Fading Gigolo screening in New York, and the Golden Globes Awards Party."

I can only imagine what gorgeous confection Murad will dream up for Sofia's wedding gown. If it's anything like his previous gowns created for her, it'll be body-hugging, glittering, and romantically slinky. He has a penchant for glamorous champagne colors, elaborate sequins, and heavy beadwork. Sexy lace cut-outs and sheer overlays are also often present in Murad's designs, which fit right into the "fairy-tale" description.

This kind of look is right up Vergara's alley: classic with a smoldering punch. I've been dreaming up how this will turn out since their engagement in December 2014, but my curiosity will soon be satisfied. Now that we know Vergara's wedding makeup look (sexy and smoldering, obviously), the head-to-toe ensemble is starting to come together in my imagination and I am very, very excited. Who doesn't love a totally glam wedding look?

There was a point there where it seemed like the nuptials would be stalled till fall, but according to Glamour, the wedding date is set for November 22nd at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, so we don't have much more longer to wait and see. No matter what she wears, it's clear Vergara is incredibly in love and that's the most beautiful thing of all, isn't it? And a gorgeous gown doesn't hurt either.