Tiffani Theissen Shares Her Favorite '90s Trends

Nostalgia for the '90s is huge right now — in fact I think we might care more about it now than we did in the actual '90s, and nothing gives us that nostalgia quite like Saved By The Bell . I mean, who didn't want Kelly Kapowski's voluminous, cool-girl hair? Well, now you're going to find out how to get it, because Bustle had the chance to interview Tiffani Thiessen, and she revealed Kelly Kapowski's hair secrets, her favorite '90s trends, and also talked female empowerment. Spoiler: You're going to need a whole lot of hairspray.

Thiessen recently partnered with Ulta Beauty to host an event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and after watching her mother-in-law battle the disease, the 41-year-old actress and chef knows how difficult it is to remain confident in the face of a life challenge. "I think my best advice to women – whether it is in the face of an illness like this or just a moment of self-doubt – is to remind yourself each day of five things you are thankful for," Thiessen said. "Choose to think about the things you love about yourself, and the blessings you have, and all the rest will start to seem insignificant." There's nothing more empowering than gaining a little perspective.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But we couldn't interview Thiessen without talking Kelly Kapowski, so we got right down to the most important question: HOW did she get that fabulously voluminous hair? Turns out, it's pretty simple: it just took a lot of teasing and a lot of hairspray. Grab your combs, ladies.

Kelly's fashion was also on point, and luckily, with the resurgence of '90s style trends, Thiessen's favorite Kapowski ensemble — a crop top, denim, and suspenders — is totally "in" for 2015. But there are definitely some things that were left in the '90s for a reason. "I’ve always loved the bright patterns and colors – so it’s great to see those back again! If we could keep the big scrunchies and bowl cuts in the past, I’d be OK with that," Thiessen said. Truth.

If you want to join Thiessen and Ulta Beauty in the fight against breast cancer, snap a photo of yourself (dare I say with your favorite Kelly Kapowski outfit?) to social media using the hashtag #UltaPinkOver. For every post, Ulta will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Images: Saved By The Bell/NBC