Chris Soules Has A Lot To Say About 'Bachelor' Ben

I like to think of The Bachelor as an Olympic sport of sorts with former Bachelors handing down the torch to the newbies, along with some words of advice so they make it to the end of the competition in one piece and hopefully with the love of their life. So, I was curious to know what Chris Soules thinks of new Bachelor Ben Higgins. And, it turns out, like the rest of America, Chris is a big fan.

"I think Ben’s great. I think he’s what the show’s all about," Chris tells Bustle during a phone interview. "I think he’s really there to find somebody, and I think he’ll handle the position very well. At least I hope he will." But, that isn't all the former Bachelor has to say. In the vein of passing the torch, Chris reveals he had the chance to speak to Ben and offer some words of wisdom:

It’s really not something anybody can prepare themselves for. But, the only advice I really had for him was just keep in mind that all those girls are going to be really nervous, and that it’s very important to make them feel as comfortable as possible when they’re there so they can be themselves. And, make them feel like they’re not one of 25.

Chris also admits that the first night is really odd, no matter how much you think you're ready for it. "It’s a very weird deal, I’m not going to lie," he says. "It’s a very stressful situation. So it’s on Ben's shoulders to sort of guide girls along to make it less stressful for all of them."

Now, one could argue that since Chris' own relationship with Whitney Bischoff didn't work out, he shouldn't be giving advice to Ben, but I disagree. If anything, that makes him more qualified because he can look back and see how he maybe would have done things differently.

It's not unusual for a former Bachelor to appear in the premiere of the new season to give this advice on camera, but, even if we don't see Chris on Season 20, I hope Ben chooses to adhere to his words. Though nothing can prepare you for the experience, it helps to know that there are those who have come before you and successfully completed the journey, some even finding true love along the way (Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici 4eva). So, no matter how stressful it might be in the beginning, here's hoping it's all worth it for Ben, and that Chris finds his own farmgirl someday too.