Ashley Tisdale Accessorizes Her Hair With What?

Is there anything prettier than a sprinkle of golden stars in your hair? Hair accessories add an instant dose of whimsical and playful cuteness! Ashley Tisdale wore star hair charms in her newly strawberry bronde hair. The actress, who ditched her usual golden hue, added a smattering of stars of different sizes to a loose knot in the back of her shaggy, layered lob.

If anything, her hair charms should provide a little inspo for princess-themed Halloween costumes, although these adorbs hair accessories can and should be worn on a daily basis since they are subtle and sweet.

The stars actually matched Tisdale's sheer, sexy black dress, which had its own sprinkle of stars on the fabric. Overall, it was such a pretty and dreamy look for the former High School Musical singer. The fact that Tisdale's hair is now strawberry bronde made the stars stand out even more. The gilded follicle accessories might have gotten lost or had less of an effect if they were attached to her formerly golden strands.

Hair charms such as this bring an aura of whimsy and fantasy to any 'do. They might seem little girlish, but I think that they are totally appropriate for women of all ages when worn properly.

Everything about Tisdale's hairstyle was amazing, including the positioning of a few big star in a concentrated area. She was a modern-day fairy and the charms spotlighted her loose knot.

Want to copy Tisdale's look with your very own hair accessories? Well, Charmsies has plenty of hair charms that you can apply with a flat iron. They add immediate sparkle to any look or occasion.

Yes, Charmsies are ironed into your strands. I've used them and they stay put and there's no damage or melting pieces, I promise. The brand just launched a wedding collection, but Charmsies can be worn to class, to a more casual office job, to a prom, to a dance, and to any formal event. (Price varies,

Scunci also offers Hair Gems, so you can design your 'do with lots of accessories, glam, and sparkle! (Price varies,

It's super easy to replicate Ashley Tisdale's accessorized hair. You can sprinkle a handful of stars or you can go all out. It's totally up to you, your personal style, and your mood.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here is Tisdale's outfit, from the front! The flowing, loose-fit dress with the deep V certainly fell in line with her hair adornment. But she added a little edge with her thick, black choker.

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (1); Charmsies/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Scunci (1)