What Does The New 'Force Awakens' Trailer Tell Us?

I can still feel the aftershock after the Internet exploded when the newest Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer debuted Monday night. And for good reason: the highly-anticipated film continues to look like a piece of work that is worthy to follow three great films full of CGI, midi-chlorians and Jar Jar Binks. But, while the rest of you were out buying your tickets, I was stuck pondering what is going on in the Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer... because the more that's revealed, the less we know. We're going to have to wait until the movie comes out in theaters before we get all these mysteries solved, and I can't wait that long.

Now granted, I had time to ponder this because my parents went out and bought us tickets, but that is neither here nor there. My point is, there are plenty of new things that have been revealed with this trailer, but, with it, comes so many unanswered questions about The Force Awakens. So while I was able to track all the things it revealed, "revealed" even seems like too strong of a word. "Implied" or "hinted" hits the mark a little closer.

We'll take what we can get, though. Upon close analysis, here is what we know... or can readily assume... about Star Wars: The Force Awakens so far based on the newest, most recent tear-inspiring trailer.

1. Rey Is Not Afraid Of Heights

This looks like it could be some serious scavenging (makes sense, since she's a scavenger) or perhaps some undercover sleuthing? Either way, she exudes a sense of IDGAF.

2. BB-8 Might Be Some Sort Of Traveling Companion To Rey

The two are just exploring the desert together, suggesting that BB-8 might serve as a next gen R2-D2 in this installment. Is it controversial to say that the BB-8 is definitely cuter than R2, too? Look how that little thing rolls!

3. Finn Is Plagued With Some Sort Of Existential Crisis

"I was raised to do one thing. I've got nothing to fight for." Dark. Through all the promos, we've seen Finn in both a neo-Stormtrooper uniform and wielding a lightsaber. It's plausible that he could be doing the undercover thing at some point in the film, but this dialogue seems to hint that maybe he makes a transition from one side to the next throughout the course of the film.

4. The Galaxy Far, Far Away Seems Incredibly Red

No, I don't know, something is clearly exploding in the distance giving this spaceship a Sith glow that's very Feng shui.

5. Kylo Ren Has Some Serious Darth Vader Voice

Which is deeply concerning, because you don't get that voice from a pack of cigarettes a day; you get it from third degree burns and a serious case of the Evils.

5. He's Also Set To Finish Vader's Job

You know, kill the last remaining Jedi, maybe build another Death Star or two, the usual. This also makes us consider if there's any other biological ties between Kylo Ren and the Skywalker clan. So little is revealed about him and Rey's past, but it would definitely make sense for Star Wars to keep things all in the family, you know?

6. Rey, Finn, And Scruffy-Looking Nerd Silverfox Han Solo Definitely Cross Paths

Maybe Rey and Han have known each other for a while a la Luke and Obi Wan, I don't know. What's important is that Han is confirming all the legends of the Jedi for the group of heroes.

7. They Also Hang Out And Go On Adventures Together, Though Said Adventures Seem Pretty Vague So Far

What's with all the flags? What kind of robot is that? Even Finn is giving this situation the side-eye.

8. Finn and Kylo Ren Have A Lightsaber Showdown

Kylo Ren also appears to take off his helmut during this, potentially revealing his hideously scarred visage. I mean, I'm not saying it's hideously scarred; I'm just going back to the fact that Vader-esque helmets usually come with that.

9. Somebody Of Great Importance Gets Injured Or Lost In The Crossfire

I can't tell who has fallen in this shot. Finn? Han? That definitely looks like a brown leather jacket (which both seem to be wearing), but the head is really obscured. All I know is that Rey's face looks eerily like mine when I was watching this trailer, so it must have been bad.

10. Oh, Hey, Leia And Han Are Still Going Strong

Beautiful Leia has tamed down her head buns but she's transitioned to gray braids with the grace of a true Princess.

11. Chewie And Han Do The Macarena

Heeeey, Macarena!

12. But Most Importantly, In The Last 30 Years It's Possible Stories Of The Jedi And The Rebel Alliance Have Become Murky Legends

"It's true. All of it." But what's true? Did the Jedi not properly resurface after the Battle of Endor? Did things somehow go to hell, and that's why the galaxy is populated by another era of Stormtroopers and bad guys with black masks and red lightsabers? Or is Han confirming that like, "The Force is heredity but Dark Side seems to run in the family too. Your grandfather had it, it might just skip a generation, so you know... watch out for that."

Clearly there needs to be more clearing up. But hey, I already got my tickets, and I look forward to getting more answers December 18.

Images: StarWars/Youtube (13)