What Happens When You Get A Visible Tattoo

Tattoos can be highly polarizing, but this video where people get highly visible temporary tattoos might change your mind. Maybe you want to get a tattoo but are on the fence. Maybe you hate tattoos. Maybe you love tattoos. Maybe you don't really consider tattoos at all. Whatever your stance, this video will at least make you think about tattoos. BuzzFeed got three tattoo-less people to try out highly visible tattoos for a week. One was tattooed on his face, one on his arm, and the other on her arm and neck. All the tattoos are definitely very visible, and not easy to hide.

The realistic temporary tattoos last for two weeks, and are a pretty good idea if you're thinking about committing to body art, as they can be a sort of "trial run". The tats are stenciled on, and all three participants are pretty nervous about what life will be like with a tattoo. All three of them were pretty uncomfortable to begin with, but they all also seemed to learn some pretty valuable lessons from their tattooed week. Here are some of the lessons learned by the intrepid non-tattooed folk trying out highly visible temporary tattoos for the week:

1. You Are The Tattoo You Have

2. The Bride Shines Through Her Tattoos

3. But Your Personality Can Get Lost Behind People's Initial Reaction To Your Tattoos

4. Tattoos On Your Face Can Make You Very Self Conscious

Watch the whole video below:

Images: YouTube (5)