Cryptic New 'House of Cards' Teaser Shows Us That Frank Underwood Can Make Even a Rubber Band Threatening

If you thought that clip of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) cryptically smoking a cigarette was an ominous enough teaser for the upcoming season of Netflix's original series, House of Cards, I'm sorry to break it to you — but this show can get way more ominous. That is, at least, what's demonstrated in this new teaser for House of Cards Season 2, which features Frank Underwood sitting at his desk quietly stretching and releasing a rubber band as if he's preparing to launch it across the room. He's probably plotting something evil though, because that's just what Frank Underwood does — he plots evil things, and everyone else suffers because of it. This show is awesome.

There's really not much else to derive from this teaser — it is literally only meant to give us the sense that there's going to be much more tension in Season 2, thanks to Frank and his deceptive little mind.

Apparently, the clip is actually a "cinemagraph GIF" in video form created to promote the show, and, according to creator Beau Willimon on Reddit, there are "LOTS more to come."

Check out the teaser below. House of Cards season two will premiere on Netflix in full on Feb. 14.

Image: Netflix