Take A Trip To The Real Life Mystic Falls

If you're anything like me, then your obsession with The Vampire Diaries extends much further than the boundaries of the small screen. You stalk the actors' Instagram accounts; you upload the soundtracks to your cellular devices. You basically live and breathe all things concerning TVD. (It's OK to talk about it here, you guys. This is a safe space.) So I figure why not take this addiction one step further and visit the real-life version of TVD 's Mystic Falls in Covington, GA? Because, that's right, folks — that's totally a thing that you can do! Though it goes by a different name, visitors of the town can frequent many of the iconic settings that have housed several of our favorite Vampire Diaries memories throughout the years. And hey, if you're really lucky, you may even see the cast filming a scene or two!

Granted, it's a little weird to think of this place as an everyday, regular town without the constant threat of vampires and witches waiting around every corner. But with a little imagination (and perhaps a few beers over at the real-life Mystic Grill), you can pretend that you're actually apart of all the magical mayhem that plagues these hallowed halls and streets. You can start your Mystic Falls tour off by visiting…

The Mystic Grill

It may not have Matt Donovan for a dreamy bartender, but this place does actually exist and is considered to be a thriving restaurant. In fact, many of the cast members have been known to stop in for a bite. (Pun very much intended, by the way.) You should also be able to get a great look at the Mystic Falls Court House from here as well.

The Gilbert House

While it's true that Elena burned this building to the ground in Season 4, the actual house that was used throughout filming is still standing and looking better than ever. Fans can go right up to the porch and stand on the very spot where Elena and Damon shared their first kiss. (Warning: massive amounts of swooning may occur.)

The Mystic Falls Cemetery

Who could forget watching that fog roll in as Elena sat and wrote in her diary all the way back in the pilot episode? She was visiting her parents' graves and had no idea all that was to come. So go ahead and take a stroll down memory lane. Maybe you'll even stumble upon a crow throughout your grave journey.

Caroline Forbes' House

You can sit on the swing, walk through the house, and pretend that you're BFFs with Miss Mystic Falls herself. Life really can't get much better than that, can it? So what the heck are we waiting for! Road trip, anyone?

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; screengrab/YouTube (2)