Caroline & Stefan Can't Touch On 'The Vampire Diaries,' Which Doesn't Bode Well For Steroline's Future

This has to be some sort of record as being the quickest relationship ever in The Vampire Diaries history. Seriously, Team Steroline really can't seem to catch a break. Not only do we know, thanks to the latest TVD flash forward, that Caroline is engaged to someone who is not Stefan, but now we may also have been given a glimpse into what causes their whirlwind romance to meet its demise. After getting kidnapped by Lily and her merry band of Heretics, Caroline suffers through various degrees of torture throughout her stay, however, the biggest blow came when Valerie decided to lace Caroline's skin with vervain, making it impossible for Stefan to come into direct contact with her skin.

As you can imagine, that's kind of a big deal in general, but even more so in light of how intimate their relationship has become. (They can't even kiss now without Stefan being in excruciating pain, let alone do other things that couples like to do, if you catch my drift.) Initially, Caroline viewed this spell as a helpful gesture since it forced Nora and Mary Louise to keep their distance. But now that she knows the full extent of the spell's side effects, I'm betting she'd prefer a little torture over this alternative.

And just in case you thought that maybe this was an innocent oversight on Valerie's part, believe me when I say it was far from it. You see, it turns out that Valerie has set her own agenda in motion by turning Caroline's skin into vampire repellent. Apparently, Valerie and Stefan once knew each other, perhaps rather intimately, way back in the day. And while the details of their relationship have yet to be made clear, from the sound of Stefan's journal entries from back then, both vamps had more than just friendship on the brain. Looks like Valerie wants to eliminate any competition in getting Stefan back, which could very well be the direct cause to Steroline's undoing.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW