7 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Groups Because The More, The Merrier — VIDEOS

Going out with the squad this Halloween? Whether you’re dressing up with a best friend, a group of coworkers, your boo thing, or your usual team, group Halloween costumes can be a blast. If you're having a brain fart on what you guys could be, look no further than these easy Halloween makeup ideas for groups. They're creative, funny, and super simple to recreate.

A group costume is a great way to show unity and fiercely compete in a costume contest. The more characters there are, the more likely people will “get it” and be impressed by your creativity. Not to mention, group costumes are great for the office — the communications team can battle against finance and IT for the best group costume, and everyone gets in the holiday spirit.

Still, you need a little diversity in a costume contest. Not everyone is going to like the same thing, so being able to individualize the costumes is key. Mix it up with makeup, colors, and character roles! The more creative you are, the more people you can include, and the more impressive your group collaboration will be. Plus, no one will resent being stuck as the back end of an animal costume because the group couldn’t come up with a more flattering role.

Below are some of my favorite, easy, and relevant group costumes for 2015.

1. Inside Out Characters

FashionByAlly on YouTube

Is your squad a bit emotional? This is a fun and adorable costume idea that is super relevant for 2015. Pick the character that best fits you, or your complete opposite for a real acting opportunity!

2. Trolls

Holeh Pocket on YouTube

Remember these guys? They have wild hair and glitzy belly buttons, and they were loved by '80s and '90s kids everywhere. Use hair chalk or a bold wig, and stick on rhinestones to play up your look.

3. Zombie Frozen Characters

AwesomenessTV on YouTube

If you're headed to an adults-only costume party, this may be the group costume to win the contest. Chances are that all parents present would love to see (and hear) the end of their children's beloved Frozen characters, Olaf included. (Sorry, Elsa.) Use this makeup tutorial to set this popular costume idea apart.

4. The Sanderson Sisters

goldiestarling on YouTube
FashionedByLies on YouTube
Renata Monteiro on YouTube

Hocus Pocus is the classic Halloween movie we all love, but nailing Winifred's pinched lips or Mary's crooked top knot can be tricky. These tutorials walk you through creating the perfect character.

5. Alice In Wonderland

Niki and Gabi on YouTube
Charisma Star on YouTube
Kandee Johnson on YouTube

Depending on the size of your squad, you could potentially dress up every character in the semi-creepy children's book: the cheshire cat, the white rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, etc. The sky is the limit!

6. Despicable Me Minions

Bethany Mota on YouTube

This may be so Halloween 2014, but it's a new classic for a reason. These adorable, mischievous creatures are probably a lot like your squad: a little weird, definitely wild, and the life of the party.

7. Zoo Animals

Tess Christine on YouTube

This one is one of my favorites — everyone can express some individuality, but you still have a cohesive look that let's everyone know y'all came together. Throw a zoo keeper or animal trainer in the mix and you have one creative group costume.

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