Is Malika Haqq Single? The 'DASH Dolls' Star Seems To Be Focusing On Herself Right Now

If you’ve been watching E!’s latest installment in the Kardashian franchise, DASH Dolls, you know that boy drama is a pretty big component on the show chronicling the lives of the women who work at DASH boutique. And, Malika Haqq’s relationship status has been no exception.

DASH Dolls recently aired an episode about Malika’s boy troubles, which honestly made me feel uneasy. While the show never said explicitly that Malika’s relationship issues were with Chinx Drugz, a rapper who was murdered earlier this year, they did allude to it with a clip of Malika and Chinx together. Since he's sadly no longer with us, the episode had many wondering if Malika has started dating again.

And, well, the answer seems to be that she's not currently linked to anyone romantically, and her social media posts support that. Whether she's recovering from Chinx's death still, or just taking a break from dating to focus on herself, that's totally fine! Girlfriend's gotta do what's best for her. She hasn't talked openly about her love life lately, but here are seven Instagram posts that pretty much prove Malika Haqq is single and reflecting on past relationships.

1. "If You Had To Marry [The] Last Person You Kissed, Would You Be Happy?"

It looks Malika is taking a look at her relationships past.

2. "No Support Was All The Support I Needed."

Malika may be talking about self-reliance.

3. "Pain Changed Me."

Her caption notes that a heartbreak has made her different "Mentally. Physically. Emotionally." Hopefully she's doing better now, though.

4. "Stay Away From 'Still' People ... "

Some people never change, but at least she's recognizing it!

5. "Love Yourself First ... "

Great advice for everyone to take.

6. "Someone You Haven't Even Met Yet Is Wondering ... "

That is very dreamy and romantic.

7. "Grateful That Some Things Didn't Work Out ... "

Things not working out probably equals being single, but that's totally OK. She's got a lot going on work wise and friendship wise right now, so I'm glad she's taking some time to herself to evaluate who she is and what she wants in a relationship. That's healthy for everyone to do.