Go Behind the Scenes Of Matthew Koma's Tour

You've probably heard his single, “So F**kin’ Romantic," or rocked out to one of the songs he's co-written, like Zedd's "Clarity" or remixing Bruce Springsteen's "Rocky Ground." And now, you can go behind the scenes with Matthew Koma during his tour on the road, with an exclusive video. The video gives fans a sneak peek into his busy schedule as he travels the world, playing large auditoriums, and revealing what travel items he can't go without on the road. Spoiler: He's fine without a pillow, but don't leave him without a blanket.

The 28-year-old singer and songwriter from Brooklyn is best known for his electro-pop single, "So F**kin Romantic," a track reminiscent of other electric house musicians such as Zedd, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto. He recently said in an interview with YourDM.com, "As time goes on, people are starting to discover ‘oh wait you’re not just a singer, or wait, you’re not just a guitar player, or wait you’re not just a DJ.’ and I think that’s something that just comes over time as I get out there and play more shows. So it’s not just a shift or change; people are just discovering a new side of me. To be honest, I don’t even see myself as a singer but first and foremost I consider myself a songwriter."

Watch the exclusive video of Koma on tour below: