Gwen Stefani's Most Affecting Music Videos

by Kristie Rohwedder

Last weekend, ska goddess Gwen Stefani debuted a devastatingly beautiful breakup song in the middle of a concert. And then, she announced that that devastatingly beautiful breakup song would be her next single. I began to salivate the second I read this news. If it's a single, I thought to myself, she's probably going to release a new music video to go along with it. YES YES YES!!! (I love a music video, but I LOVE a Gwen Stefani music video.) And what do you know? MY HUNCH WAS RIGHT. Tuesday, the Sophie Muller-directed music video for “Used To Love You" hit the Internet. And what do you know, part two? It's yet another outstanding Gwenny Gwen Gwen Gwen music video.

Whether she’s stomping around on a pirate ship with Eve, breaking the fourth wall of a fisheye lens, or hanging out in Wonderland, or grappling with a breakup, the No Doubt frontwoman always slays the music video game. “Used To Love You” is no exception. In the vid, the Queen of the Tragic Kingdom stands in a black room and emotes in front of the camera. Stefani's recent split from Gavin Rossdale looms over the clip, like a heartbroken specter. The entire video is incredibly affecting.

Are you feeling the heartbreak? Yeah. Me too. Do you want to lean into that feeling? You do? Awesome. Because we're about to revisit some No Doubt videos and some solo Gwen videos that are guaranteed to take us on an emotional roller coaster. Please pull down the safety bar, keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times, and prepare your heartstrings accordingly.

"Early Winter" By Gwen Stefani

:( :( :( :( :(

"Simple Kind Of Life" By No Doubt

Who knew a room full of cakes could look so spooky?

"4 In The Morning" By Gwen Stefani

If I were to make a rough estimate, I'd say that bath was 25% water, 10% bubble bath, and 65% tears.

"Cool" By Gwen Stefani

Yeah, yeah, I know they're cool, but that look Gwen gives her ex and his new ladyfriend at the 2:28 mark? Dev. A. Sta. Ting.

"Don't Speak" By No Doubt

I mean, duh.