5 Easy Citrus Face Masks For All Skin Types

If I had to give an award to a vitamin that has proven to be beneficial to skin types, it would be vitamin C. Thankfully, you don't have to crush up vitamin C capsules to get all the anti-aging benefits or lightening properties of this popular antioxidant. There are some seriously delicious and easy citrus masks that have helped my own acne-prone face over the years. Not only are fruity facials super easy to make, they are ridiculously inexpensive, too and, more importantly, effective. Trust me — even Dr. Oz is on that topical vitamin C kick. Of course, with all natural remedies, citrus-based masks need to be applied with diligence and love to see improvement.

Vitamin C is a great way to speed up how fast your skin naturally repairs itself, just like how taking vitamin C at the first sign of the sniffles can help boost your immune system. According to sources at Web MD, vitamin C protects skin from sun damage and can reverse skin discoloration. Foods that are high in vitamin C are just as excellent for your immune system as they are for your skin.

Choosing the right citrus for your face dreams to come true can be hard with all the abundance of fruits out there. Luckily, you can make vitamin C-infused face masks with just about anything. These five facials should get you started!

1. Grapefruit, Honey & Sage Cleanser

Let's start with my fave citrus to work with. Grapefruit is amazing as an essential oil and when used topically as a fruit. It's got great astringent properties that can control oil and a substantial amount of vitamin C that can soothe fine lines and wrinkles. I blended a few slices of grapefruit, a few leaves of fresh sage, and a tablespoon of honey for a daily cleanser. This cleanser is great for oily skin on the reg.

2. Orange Peel Under Eye Serum

I am no stranger to spending upwards of $50 on an all natural under eye serum to remove extra baggage, and often times those trusty serums work wonders! Of course, I'm not one to shell out fifty bucks when there is an alternative available at my bodega for $1. Dip a thinly sliced orange peel (enough so that the juices of the peel are exposed and it's not completely white) in grapeseed oil and gently rub the slice of orange underneath your eyes to remove last night's sob fest when you binged watched all the seasons of Gilmore Girls.

3. Rose Lemonade Astringent

The method for one of my fave astringents is simple: Make a batch of rose water by boiling organic roses and then squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice into it. I recommend adding 1 teaspoon to at least 1 cup of rose water to avoid any irritation from lemon juice. Personally, my face loves citrus, so when life gives you lemon, I say make a rose lemonade astringent.

4. Lime, Cucumber, and Turmeric Facial

This face mask is going to be ultra restorative with the high water content of a cucumber, the cleansing properties of turmeric, and of course, those wonderful brightening qualities of a lime. Blend your ingredients together (using only a touch of turmeric) and apply on a wet, makeup-free face. Be sure to let your mask sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. This mask is great for dehydrated, acne prone skin.

5. Orange, Coconut Milk, and Nutmeg

Orange, we meet again, but this time it's for an ultra exfoliating mask that will literally have you saying "ahhhh" after you rinse off. Trust, this is a facial I've given myself plenty of times and nothing is more nourishing to my aging, oily skin than fresh coconut milk. All these ingredients are excellent for your complexion and are great for all skin types.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (5)