Another Day, Another Taylor Swift New Record

Taylor Swift's year keeps getting better and better. Her latest accomplishment? "Blank Space" is the most-watched Vevo video ever, proving once more that whatever Swift touches turns to gold. However, given the amazingness of both the song and its accompanying visual, it's no surprise that it is a fan-favorite. In fact, it's Swift's best video to date for so many reasons.

In case you somehow missed watching the video (in which case, see "Blank Space" in all its glory here) or you forgot about the fantastical premise, here's a recap. Swift is playing into media rumors by transforming into a crazy girlfriend. She cries mascara tears, beats a vintage car with a golf club, and — in perhaps the worst move of all — drops the man's cell phone in the pool. In other words, she's exactly the parody people portray her to be. And Swift is laughing all the way to the hall of fame.

In addition to its great plot, "Blank Space" is gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot. From Olivia Benson's cameo to Swift's incredible wardrobe, it's a fantasy that we oddly love, despite the insanity of the whole bit. So, yes, it deserves a major accolade. Here are 11 reasons why "Blank Space" is Swift's best video to date.

1. It's A New Side Of Her

Swift was high-fashion and a total bad girl, all at once.

2. The Fashion

Amazing outfit after amazing outfit.

3. She Stands On A Horse

She doesn't need you and your white horse because she is actually just standing one.

4. It Was Her Most Artistic Video At The Time

It elevated what we came to expect from her.

5. It's Also The Most High-Brow

The storyline, the aesthetics, the fashion was all next-level.

6. There's So Many Different Pieces

There were like a gazillion different scenes and cut-aways.

7. Oliva Benson

Chillin' like a villain.

8. It Still Has Some Old-School Swift References

Princess ball gown alert!

9. It Takes The Satire To A New Level

The lyrics are a spoof, but the video maximizes the joke.

10. It Also References Mean Girls

He doesn't pull off the look as well as Regina George.

11. We've Been There Too A Few Times

Everyone can relate to being the crazy girlfriend.

Congrats, Taylor Swift. This is well deserved.

Images: Big Machine (screenshot); Giphy (11)