Brooks Addresses 'RHOC' Season 10 Drama

Pour yourself a Grey Goose plus extra lime, because it is Real Housewives of Orange County reunion season! Not only did the first part of the RHOC reunion premiere Monday night, but the second half of Brooks Ayers's interview with E! News aired Tuesday evening. Oh, you better believe Brooks talked about The Topic of RHOC Season 10: his cancer diagnosis. (Here's an oversimplified summary: Brooks says he has cancer. Some of the OC Housewives suspect he is lying about having cancer. Vicki Gunvalson and her cast mates argue about it at least 100 times. Nothing gets resolved. It's a gross mess.)

In the second half of the interview with Vicki's ex-boyfriend/the unofficial sixth main cast member, E!’s Melanie Bromley cut right to the chase. She asked Brooks if he is still “sticking by” the statement that he has cancer. He replied, “Absolutely. I’m still sticking by that.” He added that his condition is "improving" and has gone from stage 3 to stage 2.

When asked about the PET/CT scan results from Newport Imaging (aka the place that, according to Meghan King Edmonds, allegedly does not do PET/CT scans), he said:

Newport imaging referred me to Hoag Hospital, where I did the actual test, and the results came back on Newport Imaging letterhead.

Finally, when E! News asked Brooks if he'd be down to do a lie detector test to put this drama to bed once and for all, he said, "Under no circumstance would I do a lie detector test. It’s too broad."

Hey, that's his prerogative. Also, can we just move on from this already? Please?