7 Easy Animal Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

by Jessica Thomas

An animal is the simplest Halloween costume you can choose. You can literally wear anything, throw on a pair of animal ears and a little makeup, and you're completely set for Halloween. It's the ultimate lazy girl Halloween costume, and these easy animal Halloween costume makeup tutorials will set you up for success.

Every year, when it comes time to choose a Halloween costume, I procrastinate until the absolute last minute. My conversations with my friends usually go something like this: "What can I be for Halloween that will allow me to wear my usual all-black going out uniform and still be warm?" And every year, I pretty much choose the same answer — a cat. It's the easiest costume for a lazy girl like me, and if I want to wear black leggings and a black T-shirt, it's totally acceptable.

This year, I'm a little bit more excited about the holiday, so I'm planning to step up my costume game a little bit. But I guarantee I won't be straying away from the classic animal costume. It's easy, cheap and it even gives me the opportunity to test out some new makeup skills. Use these seven simple tutorials to emulate an animal with your Halloween costume this year.

1. Deer

Bambi, anyone? This tutorial is absolutely adorable, and you can even make antlers out of sticks you find outside! Totally resourceful and crafty. I'm seriously tempted by this one.

2. Leopard

Seeing spots this Halloween? Use this easy leopard tutorial to paint your face. It's deceptively easy too — other than the spots, you just need some whiskers and a nose. The rest of the makeup is totally optional.

3. Lion

You'll be king of the African Sahara with this easy tutorial. The key to a good lion costume is obviously the mane, so you'll need to step up your hair game for this costume to work. Hairspray and teasing will be your best friends for this costume.

4. Fox

Foxes have such a mischievous reputation, so I think this costume is perfect for Halloween. The one thing you need for a fox costume is a tail — your look won't be complete without it. Grab a bushy tail, some ears and a little makeup and you'll look foxy (ha) in no time.

5. Mouse

Ah, the classic Karen Smith costume. Yes, a mouse costume has a bit of a Mean Girls reputation, but it's also a totally adorable costume option. This tutorial will teach you how to do your makeup perfectly. Add some ears and enjoy spending the rest of the night pointing at them and saying "I'm a mouse...duh!"

6. Tiger

The mascot of my alma mater is a tiger, so I'm a little biased, but I think this costume is one of the cutest ones on this list. You'll be queen of the jungle with this costume. Looks like those tiger ears I used to wear while tailgating might be coming in handy...

7. Cat

You didn't think I'd end this list without including the classic cat costume, did you? Yes, it's a little cliche. But if you're as lazy as I am when it comes to Halloween, a cat may be your best bet. Follow this easy tutorial to take your look from good to great.

If you're looking for a last minute costume idea, these animal tutorials will save the day.

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