Camsten Gets Closer On 'Stitchers'

Well, this was just plain mean. On Tuesday night's Stitchers Halloween Special on ABC Family, Cameron was alive and well as the special was meant to be a standalone episode from the high tension Season 1 finale where Cameron flatlined after Kirsten stitched into his memories. Unfortunately for all of us Stitchers fans, this does not at all mean that Cameron is guaranteed a resuscitation in the Season 2 premiere. But the series did give fans a little consolation prize: Some romance between Cameron and Kirsten. Despite the standalone aspect of this episode, could this budding romance means there is hope for Cameron to still be alive in Season 2?

Obviously we have no new answers about Cameron's state when Season 2 returns next year, but at least we can enjoy what the show is willing to give us in the Halloween episode. The episode began much like many others, the team was given a new case and a new mystery. But there was something different about everything involved in the episode. For one, it was definitely a creepier episode than any of the others in Season 1, plus the growth of the Cameron and Kristen relationship, aka Camsten, was exponential compared to what we saw progressed in Season 1. Sure in the Season 1 finale, Kirsten basically realized that Cameron was in love with her, and that is definitely impossible to top at present. But the amount of intimacy Kirsten and Cameron shared in the Halloween Special alone was a pleasant surprise.

For one the potential couple began the episode with their regular amount of banter, as to be expected. But what was surprising was just how close Kirsten was willing to get with Cameron when the case began to turn toward a dark path that clearly frightened Kirsten. After believing that she was seeing things and then being stalked (which was absolutely right in the end), Kirsten retreated to Cameron's apartment and his bed. Eventually she asked Cameron to stay on his bed with her, where she immediately began to cuddle with him as they fell asleep.

When Cameron woke up in the morning, he decided to stay in their cuddled position, while also staring lovingly at Kirsten. Cameron then took a phone call from Fisher who had a break in the case, but allowed himself the chance to stay cuddled with Kirsten with a smile on his face, for just a little longer before waking her up for the investigation.

After the almost couple believed that the case was closed, they made their way to Camille's Halloween party where they were meant to share a dance together before more creepy hijinks involving the case ensued.

So what exactly could this mean for Season 2? Is the series hinting that Cameron will end up alive when the series returns? Or is the Stitchers team just giving the audience what they want to see one last time before revealing that Cameron is in fact gone for good? I just can't believe that the show would get rid of a beloved character like Cameron, especially after the reveals of how connected he really is with Kirsten and just how much he could help with the mysteries involving both Maggie and Kirsten's parents. We need a Camsten romance in Season 2, Stitchers writers. While the little snippet of romance in the Halloween special was great, we really need more and we really need it to be real.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family