Ben Isn't Into Family Life On 'Finding Carter'

Is anyone else starting to get a little tired of Ben's antics? It's been weeks since Finding Carter introduced Carter's new brother into the fold and we know even less about him now than we did when he was chatting up Carter at the courthouse. So, what's his deal? Sure, Carter and the Wilsons really came on strong on Tuesday night and, you know, accusing him of stealing and stalking him probably isn't the best way to get Ben to embrace the family. But there's still a lot about him that they need to know — that I need to know — and that starts with figuring out the answer to a very important question: Where did Ben go on Finding Carter ?

It really hasn't been easy for Ben. Not even a little bit. I mean, he JUST found his biological mother — who was just released from an institution, might I add — and, after spending his entire life in foster homes, Ben also just learned that he has three siblings and a father. For someone that spent his entire life pretty much alone in the world, up until this point, I don't necessarily blame Ben for not wanting to move in with the Wilsons or tell Carter what he's been up to. I mean, considering how messed up their lives have been for the past two seasons, I wouldn't necessarily want to become a Wilson either right now. However, it's still important that we find out where Ben went.

I'm really starting to have Crash-like flashbacks at this point, because Ben seems to be following a pretty similar road as the series' former resident bad boy. On Tuesday night, after Lori admitted to going through his things (typical), Carter tailed Ben as he went to what is obviously the sketchy part of town. And, while we didn't find out exactly what he was doing there, it's obvious that he has a connection to that girl that he was trying to protect. So, is it possible that that's where Ben went after Carter told him about Lori's snooping and incorrectly accused him of stealing David's watch? It seems likely. We still don't know a lot about Ben, but he definitely has a personal connection to that place and that girl that he met earlier in the day. But what exactly is he even doing there?

It's kind of scary to think that Ben would rather be there than live with Lori or get to know the Wilsons — accusations aside. That guy that knocked on Carter's car window certainly didn't seem friendly and Ben really didn't seem like he was safe while he was in that part of town. And, unless he actually went to Delaware or New Jersey (because, as he says, they're pretty much the same), it seems like a safe bet to assume that Carter will find him there. But will she really be happy with finally learning Ben's secrets? I have no doubts that Ben is a decent kid that's just trying to figure out his new life, but he's clearly not doing well with the idea of Carter intervening, so I can't imagine that it'll be a happy reunion if and when she finally finds him.

Image: MTV