Nicki & Bey Finally Perform "Feeling Myself" Live

by Kadeen Griffiths

Granted, the world doesn't need more proof that Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's friendship is the actual definition of #SquadGoals — Yes, even more than Taylor Swift's Girl Squad, and even more than Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's rising friendship. After all, Minaj and Beyoncé have already given us such hits as "Feeling Myself," and a music video to go with it that basically highlights that, despite the fact that the two pop stars are total queens both in their own lanes and together, they're just like us. They can eat hamburgers and dance around in jerseys, just like you and your best friends. So, when Minaj and Beyoncé performed "Feeling Myself" live on stage for the first time, you can't really blame the world for losing their collective minds. In fact, I might need someone to take my hand and walk me through handling this momentous occasion.

I'm not too proud to admit I have been incoherent with joy since seeing all the pictures from the performance, which took place at the TIDAL X 10/20 concert on Tuesday night. Their duet was, of course, ***flawless, and, by all reports, Minaj's anaconda definitely did want some. (By which I mean that her dancing skills were on fleek, as usual, but that should come as no surprise to anyone.) So, for all the rest of you out there who, like me, had your minds completely blown by this, here are the emotional stages of dealing with Minaj and Beyoncé's live performance of one of the most empowering songs of the year.

Stage One: Shock

I'm sorry, did you just say that Minaj and Bey performed "Feeling Myself" live and, not only was I not there, but I also didn't even know it was happening until it had already happened? You're joking, right? Funny, ha-ha, right?!

Stage Two: Depression

How could I miss these two icons sharing a stage to perform one of my favorite songs? How? Well, time to call in sick to work, because I'm going to be depressed only for... say, the rest of the entire year.

Stage Three: Hopefulness

Then, I remember: I live in the iPhone generation. There's no way that the performance isn't out on the Internet, whether that's in a video or a gif or just through hundreds of images from the event. My soul is saved from the crippling depression it was about to fall into.

Stage Four: Obsession

How many times can I watch this performance before I have to eat and go to the bathroom and pretend to be a person? Time to find out.

Stage Five: Screaming

It's so good. They're so good. Everything is so good.

Stage Six: Dancing

This is the awkward stage in my emotions when I think it would be a good idea to try and imitate their onstage dance moves, and end up in the Emergency Room because I pulled a muscle in my back. Damn you, Beyoncé!

Stage Seven: Praise

If I wasn't in love with Minaj and Beyoncé before, then I definitely am in love with them now. All hail the queens.

Here's to hoping that there will be many, many more duets between these two divas, because they are now, and will always remain, the best.

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