Will Nicki And Bey Collaborate Again?

We all heard about Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's epic collaboration for the "Feeling Myself" video, which was released on May 18. We all swooned over the excerpt from the video that was released for the general public. And in the following days, we are all sitting here wondering when the world will gift us with another musical miracle in the form of another Nicki and Beyonce collaboration (and also still wondering if a Tidal subscription might be worth it). I lie awake in bed at night as I softly ask myself over and over again, "Will Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj collaborate again?"

There is just something about Nicki and Beyoncé when they work together. They have that je ne sais quoi, a specific type of charisma which lures people in and keeps them hooked. Furthermore, these two women making incredible strides in bringing feminism to the fore of pop culture individually and, thus, their collaborations are all the more significant for the positive message of female empowerment that they are broadcasting to the masses.

Nicki and Beyoncé are the perfect combination and the worlds need more of them together. If the largely enthusiastic response to their collaborative work tells them anything, hopefully these two will come to realize that more work between the two of them is an absolute necessity. Nicki and Beyoncé need to collaborate again and I will tell you why.


These ladies are a prime example of the types of women we need more of in popular culture. They have both reached the pinnacle of success and notoriety in their careers; they both have mind-blowingly large and devoted fan bases; and they both have taken a decisively feminist stance through their music. They don't always do feminism in a way that people expect. They're not always perfect feminists either and that's exactly why they're so important.

They are showing women everywhere that it's about starting a dialogue. It's about joining together as women to empower one another and working to break down the systematic gender inequality that plagues our culture. Nicki and Beyoncé are doing just that in their own genre, breaking into a male-dominated industry and proving that the ladies are a force to be reckoned with.

Their Musical Styles Compliment One Another Perfectly

Beyoncé and Nicki both have the uncanny ability to be both soft and sweet and hard and edgy. They pull both attitudes off with great success in their musical and performance styles. They make a great team because they can harness this power and give us music that is alternatively fierce and sweet in tandem.

Nicki Minaj Can't Say No to a Good Collaboration

Nicki Minaj loves collaborations. She has been the featured artist on roughly 153 songs by other artists. Yes, 153. And that's not even counting songs where Nicki is the lead artist and other artists are featured on the track. It seems only natural that more collaborations with Bey are imminent.

These Two Are Clearly Obsessed with Each Other...

... as are we with them.

Their Last Collaboration Brought (A Few) People to Tidal

As the full video of the "Feeling Myself" music video was released exlusively to Tidal subscribers, this was obviously a ploy to attract more users to the new (and struggling) streaming service. Though the video was not as successful in doing that as they'd hoped, it at least brought a few people to Tidal (I think).

They Are Just Too Damn Fun

Just when you're asking yourself, "could these two possibly be any more fun?" they come out of nowhere with something awesome like this.

The Fan Response to Their Collaborations Is Mindblowing

Beyoncé's Beyhive is obsessive. Nicki's loyal Barbz are die-hard as well. Separately, these two command the adoration of two massive fanbases and together they unite their loyal fans and create one epic following. I can only imagine how their fans would respond to more collaborative work in the future, like, say, maybe a Watch the Thrones-esque collaborative album? Wha, wishful thinking?

Their Chemistry is Palpable

Nicki and Bey are both so incredibly unique and dynamic women. It's obvious, though, that their personalities are so different but also so very compatible. It's clear that Nicki and Bey have a wonderful friendship and working relationship; you can just see how much fun they have with each other.

Nicki Brings Out the Bad Girl in Bey

Nicki has marches to the beat of her own drum, always surprising us with her eccentricities and persistent ability to make herself stand out as unique. When Nicki works with Bey, some of her quirky, badass style rubs off on the already-badass Beyoncé and we get to see the edgier side of Bey. More, please!

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