Kylie Jenner Rocks New Hair Tattoo Trend

Get ready for the latest hair trend and it has nothing to do with pink or granny gray hair color! It's not about those pretty, iron-in hair charms, either! Kylie Jenner wore a hair tattoo, effectively launching a new trend in hair accessorizing. Scunci has created these amazing new hair tattoos, which can actually be applied to your skin, too. It's a multi-tasking product that allows you to temporarily bling out your hair and face. Fun!

The hair tattoos are applied with water and come in assorted colors and designs that add some metallic glimmer to your locks! They are also easy to remove via washing and/or brushing.

They are not too, too different than Charmsies or Hair Gems. Ashley Tisdale just rocked a sprinkle of stars in her strawberry bronde hair earlier this week. So, clearly, accessorizing one's hair beyond barrettes, headbands, and bows is a trend that is here to stay.

Hair accessories can be adorable, girlish, and pretty much appropriate for those out of their teens, as well. It's a new era of blinged out hair.

Kylie, who went with a blonde wig to celebrate her family's Cosmo cover, added her golden strip hair tattoo to her raven locks. It was a lovely gilded accent that looked like it was braided into her hair. It was seamless.

So pretty, right? It's not over-the-top or too much. It's cute embellishment that's a lot more unique than a headband. It's like an instant, single highlight, without having to go through the tedium that comes with processing hair and without having to spend a ton of time in a stylist's chair. The golden tattoo really pops against Jenner's pitch black locks. The contrast really is something else.

The hair tattoos are sold at Ulta and they are just $4.99, so you can stock up and play with them at will without breaking the bank.

It's a temporary, no commitment way to change your hair a little bit. Or you can practice weaving them into a bun or an updo, since prom season will be here before you know it.

My suggestion is to wear a tattoo on each side of center-parted, straight hair, which is an updated take on Kylie's look. They probably work best with straight, dark locks, since the hair tattoo might get lost in a tangle of light curls. Or you can just do your thing and wear them no matter your texture or shade!

Images: Courtesy of Michael Simon (1); Courtesy of Scunci (2)