One Direction Pulled A Beyonce & It's 'Perfect'

by Maggie Malach

Just hours after dropping their flawless "Perfect" music video, One Direction surprised fans with even more music, courtesy of the Perfect EP. While it appears that anyone can see the track list on Spotify, the songs are only available in the UK. Luckily, the internet has unified to share all sorts of details — and clips! — about the Perfect EP. Let the celebration begin!

The track list is as follows:

1. "Perfect - Stripped"

2. "Home"

3. "Perfect - Matoma Remix"

4. "Drag Me Down - Big Payno x AFTERHRS Remixs"

Not only do we get a new song with "Home," but we also get a gloriously stripped-down version of "Perfect" (swoon) and remixes of "Perfect" and "Home." It's the perfect (no pun intended) followup to the black-and-white music video and enough to hold fans over until the release of Made in the A.M.

Unfortunately, it seems like U.S. fans can't hear the glory of the Perfect EP. However, fans have been sharing this link to stream it. (There's no telling how long that will work, though.) There's also plenty of excited Directioner reactions and snippets on Twitter, so we can hear bits and pieces of the amazingness.

While "Home" isn't on the official Made in the A.M. track list, sonically it fits in with the songs released from the album. The tracks have been leaning toward a more pop-heavy sound (versus the classic rock dabblings of Four), and "Home" is, well, right at home with this evolved sound. It's mature, polished and every track is solid on its own. According to frequent One Direction collaborator Jamie Scott, he wrote "Home" with Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

Of course, there's the matter of "Perfect - Stripped," which is the autotune-less ballad of our dreams. It conveys all of the emotion of the music video, which giving us some sweet harmonies. It's like they wanted to test the limits of the fandom's joy. (If that's the case, feel free to surprise us with more music, guys.)

In any event, enjoy the Perfect EP. I know I'll have it on repeat until Made in the A.M. graces my iTunes library on Nov. 13.