One Direction Cancels A Concert, But Everyone Needs To Stop Freaking Out

Hello, Alexis Rhiannon here with a helpful reminder that One Direction is a group of young men ranging from age 21 to 23, and we can't be pinning all our hopes and dreams on them. So, when 1D cancels a concert because Liam Payne got sick, even if the situation seems suspicious, we can't go spinning off into conspiracy theories, screaming that this is yet another indication that the lads are breaking up. And I'm not saying I'm completely immune from this either! The moment I heard that One Direction had canceled their Oct. 20 appearance in Belfast as part of their On The Road Again Tour less than 30 minutes before it was due to start, I was already frothing myself into a tizzy, reading over the announcement for clues:

The show tonight has been cancelled as Liam has been taken ill, and whilst not serious, he is unable to perform tonight. Please hold on to your tickets. A further statement will be made in the morning. The band apologise to the fans and wish Liam better.

I was trying to imagine what could be serious but come on in only a half an hour — are they gonna announce he's in rehab? That he had a kid? That he's quitting the band? And then I realized... it doesn't matter. Maybe it was the flu, maybe it was a fever, maybe it was just plain old exhaustion, maybe it was something in Payne's personal life that needed to be dealt with, but we need to start trusting these guys to do what's best for them without assuming the worst anytime they deviate from schedule. I'm talking to you, Directioners. (As well as to myself.)

Yes, Zayn Malik left the band. Yes, that was devastating. But we still have Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, who have proven their dedication to the group and its fans by staying. And, more than that, by communicating with us. Instead of being blindsided by One Direction 's hiatus after they finish their fifth studio album, they're giving us a head's up in advance, so we can prepare ourselves. Instead of Malik staying with the band even though it was no longer right for him and letting possible resentment build up until he tore it apart from the inside, he stepped back and quit. These are all indications that the guys take this seriously, indications that have been strengthened by Payne's response tweets today:

Those aren't the words of a guy who's planning on peacing out at his first opportunity! Those are the words of a guy who cares about this, cares about us, and wants to make sure he balances those things out in his head so everyone ends up as happy as possible, but he also doesn't do a concert when he's not up to it. Feel better soon, Liam Payne! And feel better, Directioners! Our boys got this.