This Is How North West Dresses For A Pumpkin Patch

Celebrity children have a knack for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Their lives just seem to be better in every way. For example, when North West walked the pumpkin patch, she rocked an adorable outfit and spiced things up with her super cool face paint. The girl is only two years old and her look was so much cooler than the boring, everyday ensemble I wore on my own pumpkin patch adventure.

It was clear from the very beginning that this little girl had style. From sporting matching tutus with her cousin to sitting front row at fashion week, there was never any question that she would be the It-est toddler of the fashion world, but she can now also add makeup expert to her stylish resumé. With fall upon us, West took the opportunity to show off yet another of her fabulously curated (by her parents, probably) outfits, and it didn't stop there. She stepped out in some mystical makeup that completely brought the look to life.

The tiny tot sported a white tank top and ombré shorts around the LA pumpkin patch with her BFF, according to mom Kim Kardashian's Instagram post. While I kept it looking as delightfully basic as ever in my white tee, fall boots, and cargo jacket, West was proving that she'll never be one of those PSL-drinking, sweater wearing girls. That's her loss, because PSLs are delicious.

The Outfit: North's Version

You couldn't tell it was October from West's outfit, but it is adorable nonetheless. She kept it simple with a white tank top and ombré shorts for her L.A. pumpkin picking ensemble.

The Outfit: My Version

Unfortunately, I was in North East Ohio, and it was freezing. I went with dark jeans, a white tee, and a cargo jacket for my OOTD.

The Makeup: North's Version

Seriously, how adorable is that face paint?! She kept it simple with white and a pop of blue that matched her denim shorts. Her BFF's paint was also on-point.

The Makeup: My Version

I went fresh faced for this frigid day. Obviously, I'm lacking the pizzaz of West with her face paint.

The Shoes: North's Version

West finished off her casual outfit with a pair of cool and comfy kicks. They give her a certain edge when compared to your typical fall boot.

(Toddler's Slip-Ons, Vans, $30)

The Shoes: My Version

I went basic for my pumpkin patch frolicking. Nothing says fall like a pair of knee-high boots!

(Cactuss Boots, Madden Girl, $45)

The Hair: North's Version

She stuck to her go-to ponytail for this outing. She played it smart by keeping her hair simple and letting the focus go to her cool makeup.

The Hair: My Version

My hair was windblown to say the least. It was cold in my hometown and there was no hair-mercy when a gust of wind picked up.

It's official: a two-year-old has beaten me on the style front. I guess if it was going to be anyone, I'm okay with getting schooled from one of the best.

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Images: Kali Borovic (4), Courtesy Brands (2)