Edible Books Trend Turns Favorite Titles Into Food

At some point, when we weren't paying attention, edible books became a thing. No, I don't mean The Winds of Winter will be printed on some sort of strange, nutritional paper you can consuming after, well, consuming. I'm talking about the relatively recent trend that's taking over libraries and universities: competitions in which participants turn their favorite book titles into food puns.

The edible books trend isn't just limited to book nerd hotspots, however. It's gone fully mainstream. Bob's Burgers occasionally gives the concept some play with Bob's Burgers of the Day, which have included The Sound & The Curry Burger, I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings, and the Beets of the Southern Wild Burger. Cocktail manual Tequila Mockingbird turns your favorite books titles into potables with names like Bridget Jones's Daiquiri and The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose.

But what do edible books actually look like? Some contests ask entrants to bring cakes made to look like their favorite book covers. Others want classic literary puns, as discussed above. No matter which camp an edible books competition falls into, there are bound to be a few entries straddling the line. For your enjoyment and inspiration, here are 10 tweets that will make you want to throw your own #ediblebooks party.

Image: Bento Box Entertainment