This Toddler Dresses Up In Halloween Costumes Every Day In October, Because Not Everyone Is As Lazy As I Am — PHOTOS

If you don't count candy, which obviously takes first place, Halloween costumes are probably the best part of October. Halloween is the one day a year when you get to dress yourself—and your mini loved ones—in whatever you decide. It’s the one day a year when you can wax nostalgic about Hocus Pocus, eat an over-abundance of relatively waxy candy and scare strangers, all in the name of good fun—at least, it used to be. One mom is putting us all to shame, and turning Halloween into a 31-day fashion show of absolutely adorable proportions, and I, for one, feel pretty damn lazy because of it.

One-year-old Noah Chavkin, with the help of his badass mother Jessica, has a “Halloween Countdown”, in which the little man shows off a series of daily costumes via Instagram, because that’s a thing we do now.

Jessica tells The Huffington Post, “I grew up with a very creative mom who always made my brother and I the most amazing costumes, and I’m so excited that I get to share this tradition and love of Halloween with my son.” So basically we have Jessica’s over-achieving mother to thank for these adorable photographs, and our very real feelings of inadequacy. Good to know.

Jessica explains that she doesn't force her son to wear a costume when he doesn't want to: "First and foremost, this is something that is fun for us to do together and him enjoying it is also very important to me."

The mom, who owns the baby clothing and accessories company Teeny Tiny Couture, hopes that her son's countdown will get others excited and inspired about Halloween.

But there's no denying, it's also making that store-bought Spider-Man costume I bought my son seem, well, dull.

I mean, just look at him!

Dementors, eat your evil black hearts out.

The kid is already winning the internet, and he has absolutely no idea what the internet is.

"I'll spin again, Bob."

"You can be my wingman, anytime."

It's pretty difficult to disguise this much cute.

Already more qualified than some of the presidential candidates! Combined!

Possibly the most adorable grump I've ever seen.

So, I have to ask: Are you feeling lazy and completely unoriginal yet? No? Well, maybe these will do it for you.

Denise, who?


Is it too much? Prepare to feel considerably more dull and slothful: Noah's mom makes almost all of her tiny tike's costumes by hand, using nothing but items from Noah's closet and random things around her house. So, not only does she round up an active toddler, somehow get him to successfully sit still for longer than 2.4 seconds, but she is probably the most creative mother the internet has ever known.

The jealousy is real.

Despite making us all feel like lazy mothers who don't have an ounce of originality in our exhausted bodies (we're definitely not that, to be clear, but these photos can sure make it feel that way), one thing is for sure: Jessica is creating an adorable tradition that her son can look back on and appreciate.

She also has tangible proof she went above and beyond when she definitely did not have to, so if he ever acts out in his teenage years, she'll have this to hold over him.

Images Courtesy of: @jchavkin/Instagram