Carrie Underwood Admits To Some Major Mom Guilt

by Jacquelyn Gray

Balancing work and a personal life is hard for anyone — and adding a kid into the mix can sometimes make that goal feel forever out of reach. Celebs are no exception. Sure, the grass may seem greener on the other side, but as Carrie Underwood reminds us this week, trying to advance a high-powered singing career and raise a newborn at the same time ain't easy. Speaking with the Associated Press this week, Carrie Underwood admitted to feeling a ton of "mom guilt" since the birth of her son, Isaiah, last February, since she's constantly struggling to "do it all."

The rigors of touring and producing music have taken a toll on Underwood, who said she constantly has to consider whether her workload is truly benefiting her newborn. Not only that, but it can be utterly exhausting. The former American Idol learned this lesson firsthand while creating and promoting her new album, Storyteller. Underwood said she felt a lot of remorse for leaving Isaiah to head to work, because she knew she wouldn't see him until well after his bedtime.

But Underwood is trying her best not to beat herself up over it. Not only is she learning every day how to juggle being a musician, mother, and wife all at the same time, but she is also starting to accept that some bumps in the road are to be expected. "He's my No. 1 priority," Underwood told the AP of Isaiah. "But it's just a question of how am I going to do this?... I'll probably never find the answers to those questions." (Man, does that sound familiar.)

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The quest to achieve the perfect work-life balance is a pretty relatable one, since we're all constantly trying to achieve it, moms or not. There is one good spot of news this week on that front, though: Glassdoor just released a list of jobs that seem to be better at this than others. If you truly wish to leave your work at work, Glassdoor says SEO managers, data scientists, and talent acquisition specialists are among the best positions for a positive work-life balance. The best part? Many of the jobs that made the list are pretty well-paid and common — meaning you can find them pretty much anywhere.

In the meantime, though, may Underwood's own lessons be a lesson to us all: When it comes to parenting, doing your best is the best you can do. So let's try and ditch all the mom guilt once and for all; we're only our own worst critics.

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