'DASH Dolls' Star Caroline Burt's Mother Gahl Is An Impressive Lady

The new E! reality series DASH Dolls recently introduced us to Caroline Burt’s parents. And while Gahl Burt and her daughter don’t exactly see eye-to-eye or always have the same values, it was interesting to see how this relationship has shaped Caroline and to learn about her background. So who is Caroline’s mother, Gahl Burt?

It turns out Caroline Burt is part of a prominent Washington, D.C. family. Her mother Gahl is the former White House Social Secretary for Nancy Reagan and her father Richard was the United States Ambassador to Germany in the '80s. When Gahl appeared on the episode, things went about how you would imagine. It was a case of same planet, different worlds for Caroline and her mother. Caroline’s life on reality TV as a DASH Doll and DJ probably wasn’t what her parents originally had in mind for their daughter. Though, by the end of the epiode fraught with family drama and airings of Burt family business, Gahl and Caroline bonded over deciding to read Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman — just like how they read To Kill a Mockingbird together years ago.

Hopefully the mother and daughter will continue to grow their relationship. We probably won’t see more of Gahl on DASH Dolls — which is a shame because she’s pretty interesting. Here are six things to know about Caroline Burt’s D.C.-elite family.

Gahl Has An Impressive Résumé

She began her political career as a personal assistant to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1973.

She's Been Involved In Global Politics

International Republican Institute on YouTube

After her time working in the Reagan White House, she became Vice Chairman of the American Academy in Berlin.

She Once Bought Towels With Margaret Thatcher’s Daughter

It's an impressive story that you can read about on the Washingtonian — in short, Gahl had to find the correct type of towels to make Margaret Thatcher's stay more enjoyable. What a cocktail story, amirite?

She Has Met Several First Ladies

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yes, she knows Hillary Clinton, and yes, that's awesome.

She Married An Impressive Man...

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Caroline's father, Richard, was appointed Chief Negotiator for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty by President George H.W. Bush himself.



Caroline's stepfather Martin Indyk is former U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Yeah, that's him with Secretary of State John Kerry.

So, yeah, Gahl and the Burts are a pretty formidable group. Props to Caroline for bucking that kind of tradition and forging her own path. Hopefully her parents can learn to love her anyway.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment