8 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Ghost Train Moments You Definitely Never Noticed Before

Holiday-themed episodes have become a tried and true tradition for many different television shows throughout the years, but I think we can all agree that nothing can ever compare to a Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. For one thing, the scare factor is usually off the charts and consists of even more twists and turns than usual. (And can sometimes have deadly consequences.) Plus, it's a great opportunity to see the Liars dress up in insanely gorgeous costumes that I only wish I could afford. Basically, it's the best time of year to be a PLL fan. So, considering that Pretty Little Liars won't be airing a Halloween episode this year (*insert massive temper tantrum here*), I've decided to journey back to the Halloween episodes of Rosewood's past and relive all the various tricks and treats the series has provided during this spooky time of year, starting with Season 3's Ghost Train episode.

Of course, there will always be a special place in my heart for each PLL Halloween episode, but this one in particular has always stuck out to me as being one of my favorites. (And not just because it features Caleb dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, though that certainly doesn't hurt things.) "This Is a Dark Ride" is full of non-stop action and involves finding not one, but two dead bodies by the end of the hour. But there are a few things that even the most diehard PLL fans might have missed during the initial viewing. Such as…

We See Charlotte & Mona's Radley Interactions Firsthand

As Charlotte (aka Cece) DiLaurentis revealed during the PLL Season 6A finale, she used to frequently visit Mona at Radley and get her to do her bidding. (Mona was so heavily medicated that she thought Cece was actually Ali.) And in this episode, we actually see that transaction come into play.

This Could Be Cece

It's easy to assume that the person who pops out of Alison's fake coffin is Clifford Yerdley, given that the display is in his front yard. But just because the props might belong to him, doesn't mean he's the one behind this scare tactic. Cece hated the Liars and could very well have done this to teach them a lesson. Plus, notice the blonde hair here? That could've been I. Marlene King giving us a subtle clue.

And for more on the big Cece reveal, check out Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

There Were Puns Galore

Blink and you might have missed it, but I couldn't help appreciating the subtle humor that was on display throughout the Ghost Train decorations. The tombstones, in particular, were especially clever. RIP to the lost souls of Rick A. Mortis and Frank N. Stein. We hardly knew you, and yet you sound so familiar. Well done, writers.

Wilden Was On Board & Masked

Now that we know Wilden is responsible for killing Garrett, I couldn't help but pay special attention to the jester-looking figure that attacked Spencer and Paige. The only piece of evidence this mystery person left behind was a red, fake fingernail, which Spencer noted seemed awfully big for a girl. Maybe it wasn't a girl. Maybe this was Wilden's costume, so he could walk around the train unseen.

Even The Texts Were Halloween Themed

Is there a special app for this or what?

The Blonde Ghost Girl Is Just As Confusing As Ever

Seriously, what was the point of this? Was this supposed to be a nod to Cece and her love of dolls? Why pay a visit to Ashley of all people, though? Someone please help me to understand!

Garrett's Body Switches Sides In The Box

In one scene, he appears to be on the right side of Aria, but shortly after that we see him laying to the left of her. So either this was this an accidental filming error or Aria was tossing around Garrett's dead body in that box for no apparent reason.

Charon & Sons Funeral Directors

And, of course, let's not forget this little nod to A's true identity. This bag, which had been chilling (quite literally) among the beverages the entire time, delivered a big clue to who A is. We just didn't know it at the time. Though the body itself was all sorts of intriguing, it's the name on the outside of the bag that immediately held my attention during this re-watch. Check out those first four letters — C-H-A-R. Kinda looks familiar, doesn't it? It's the same exact letters that are used to spell Charlotte. I. Marlene King was dropping a major teaser right here. We just didn't have enough information yet to know the full extent of what it all meant.

So if you haven't already gone back and watched this episode, I highly recommend it. You never know what new details you may end up discovering.

Images: ABC Family; screengrab/ABC Family (8)