Whoa: This Might Be The Ultimate IKEA Bed Hack

If you love to snuggle, you might want to sit down for this one. Actually, if you love to snuggle oryou've ever attempted any IKEA hacks for beds, you might want to sit down. Elizabeth Boyce of "Wandering the World Below" and her husband, along with their her five children, have taken it to a new level with this incredible—or perhaps, in-bed-ible—family bed. It's got space for their entire clan, right down to the prized stuffed animals belonging to the older kiddos. And, get this: There are twinkle lights. Twinkle lights, you guys! Be still, my heart.

Since beds for seven aren't exactly sold at your local retailer, this leads us to a few natural questions: How did this beautiful beast of a bed come to be? Where did it come from? Can I borrow it for lazy Saturday afternoons of drinking tea and reading classic works of literary fiction while nuzzling my dog? How can I get Boyce to come to my house and teach me everything she knows about life?

Boyce has conveniently put together a thorough FAQ page since interest and intrigue about her family bed has exploded after she first posted about it earlier this month. In short, it works well for their family and addresses some very specific needs they have surrounding medical issues and sleep habits. And while my initial response was to be super impressed by the potential for endless snuggles, there are actually designated spaces for everyone. It sort of reminds me of the sleeping porches that were common in my university's Greek system, but you know, with more kids under the age of ten.

If you want to create something similar for your family or, you know, just for yourself if that's your thing, Boyce's tutorial explains everything. Or, if perhaps you're inspired to simply reconsider the potential of IKEA products, there's plenty more where that came from. Here are a few more masterpieces that have made their way to the web:

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Images Courtesy Of: Elizabeth Boyce/ Wandering the World Below