Jake's Name Isn't Really Jake On 'Scandal'

Well, add another Scandal character with a fake name to the already full list of Scandal Characters With Fake Names. (You've made that list, right?) In Scandal 's "Dog-Whistle Politics," word that Jake's name is not Jake surfaced, and for some reason, I was shocked. Jake. The crazy handsome, powerful, kind-of-intimidating guy who will never end up with Olivia (sorry 'bout it). That Jake. What is Jake's real name? Who knows! I feel like I don't know anything about him anymore... not that I knew much about him to begin with. Who is this man and what else is he hiding from us?

Oh! I know what he is hiding from us. His ex-wife, Elise. So as a refresher: Jake isn't Jake, and Not Jake has an ex-wife named Elise, who is somehow involved in art trading/selling in Paris at the moment. We know that Elise didn't show up at Grand Central Station to meet Not Jake, which led him to think that she was dead. This was when they were "spies," as she puts it, which sounds so cool and kind of sexy, right? Spin-off, or nah?

We don't know what Jake's real name is. But, my guess is Christopher, for reasons I don't know yet. Elise might not even know him by his real name. I haven't been a spy (yet), but I assume that when you're a spy, you're not telling everyone your birth name.

I'm hoping now that Elise is back in the picture, Jake/Chris' past gets more attention. There's obviously a side to him we never knew about, and that's pretty intriguing to me. If Jake had to leave his name behind, he probably had to leave a lot of other things behind, too. Hopefully, this will allow us to learn more about his family, and his time married to Elise. And maybe Not Jake will get to move on from Olivia, who is currently mini-golfing with the President of the United States, and reconnect with his former love. Because he hasn't had the best of luck, yet.

This would also allow Fake Jake to have some quality emotional screen time, because I can't imagine leaving behind an entire life (name and all) is easy to deal with. Not Jake becoming Jake was probably a time in his life where he had to close a lot of doors, and we haven't really seen that emotional struggle yet from him. Time to shine, baby!

I'm also hoping that there are no more fake names on Scandal. Quinn and Huck are new names, and I don't even know where to start with the Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope name fiasco that I still haven't quite figured out yet. Let's put a pin in the fake names. That cool, Shonda?

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; Giphy