Who Is Elise? Jake Reveals He Was Married On 'Scandal' & His Ex-Wife Has A Shady Past

Just when I think I have characters on Scandal pegged, they go and throw me for a total loop. After finding out the Louvre was burning (likely at the hands of Mama Pope), Jake and Charlie reunited for a quick trip over to Paris to investigate, and waiting there was a surprise — for Jake and for all of us. Guess what, guys? Jake was married to someone named Elise. OK, so he may have been married to someone named Elise. Oh, and his name isn't Jake. Is that enough shocking facts for you?

It all started when Jake had a run in with a gorgeous brunette woman named Elise in Paris, who he quickly revealed to be his wife. Apparently, he thought she was dead, because they were both on a mission and Elise never showed up to meet him at Grand Central Station like she was supposed to. And whether their marriage was the real thing or just for a mission or two, it's obvious that it wasn't just business between them — at least, judging by that steamy make out session they had after their reunion.

And her real name isn't Elise. And his real name isn't Jake. But at this point, surprises like that are just par for the course.

The shadiness of this reveal makes it more likely than ever that Jake (and probably Elise) have a lot more to do with B613 than any of us could have imagined, and it's not a stretch to think that Jake has a lot more secrets in his past that will slowly be revealed in this season. And there are plenty of opportunities to find out what they are, because he seems pretty insistent that Elise stay in his life from now on.

I can't wait to see what Olivia thinks of all of this when she finds out Jake isn't who he says he is. Hasn't that girl been through enough?!

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC, theformidableoliviapope/Tumblr