What Ke$ha Says Drove Her To Rehab

When a person, especially a celebrity person, checks into rehab for an eating disorder, there is often a lot more at play than that single person. Their problem is, tragically often, triggered not by some mysterious inner failing, but by something bigger, something societal, and something perhaps even uglier. This seems to be the case for Ke$ha, who entered rehab for an eating disorder this weekend. Now she's saying that she was driven there in part due to the comments of a producer.

According to Ke$ha, said producer (who has not been named) called the singer a "fucking refrigerator" on a music video shoot in 2012, which is, you know, an A+ way to get a girl to feel good about herself (spoiler alert: no). The rest is incredibly sad history.

This is far from the first time a woman in Hollywood has suffered mentally from the weight pressures of Hollywood — in fact, that's one of the most well-trodden stories in the entire history of the entertainment industry, and I can guarantee you that there are hundreds of thousands of these stories that we have never and will never hear. It happens to both the stick-thin and the robust, ironically indiscriminate in its rampant pressures and discrimination.

That's why, whether or not she's actually fat or chubby or any variation on the word (spoiler alert: She's not, she's like really not), Jennifer Lawrence telling the world that she's been pressured by bosses to lose weight? That's valuable. The fact that it's been said before is not the point — the point is the fact that it keeps happening.

What Ke$ha's saying is just as important. We should listen to them, as well as people like Melissa McCarthy, and talk about it, all the time, no matter what size we or they are. Because maybe if we yell loud enough a few more girls might be able to escape a fate involving rehab.