Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Glasses-Wearers

When I was younger, I would have loved nothing more than to "accidentally" lose my decidedly uncool glasses, but these days, with no shortage of cute options for frames (what's up, giant red bedazzled frames?) it's hard to get me to take them off. (Seriously, once I showered with them on. Oops!) Luckily, there are plenty of Halloween makeup ideas for people with glasses, and thanks to a steady stream of super handy YouTube tutorials, finding the perfect beauty looks (or, not-so-beautiful looks) to go with your specs is as easy as saying "Trick or Treat."

While my first thought was to encourage a very complicated transformation into the likes of Mrs. Doubtfire from the Robin Williams' classic, I realize that not all of us are lucky enough to be in possession of a custom-made latex face, prosthetic features, and four hours (or more) in a makeup chair. So, with that in mind, I opted for some much simpler looks that will have just as much impact — without confusing your dog.

From classically ghost-like to adorably sad, au naturale, and just plain adorkable, here are some killer ideas for glasses-ready Halloween makeup looks.

1. Daria

If you're reading this, you probably already wear glasses, so I don't even need to tell you that Daria is the original poster child for girls with glasses. Nobody better pairs a pair of glasses with a truer IDGAF attitude than she, and she's not even a real person.

ThatsSoMandyQ takes to her YouTube channel to show us how to get a literal interpretation of the look, right down to a swoosh of black down the nose.

If you're looking for a more natural look, YouTuber thexyvlogs gets major props for achieving Daria's perfectly porcelain skin and nude lips without going the cartoony route ‚ and I'm loving the totally on-point music from the show, too.

2. Inside Out's Sadness

Womp, womp.

Get super emo with this makeup look that involves blue face paint, megawatt pink lipstick, and — yep — glasses. Jackie Wyers, the YouTuber behind the tutorial, is actually super cheery, which made her transformation even more fun! She started with all over blue face paint — and some sleek contouring, natch — set it with powder, and added in dimension. She doesn't skimp on glitter, either, saying, "I wanted to have a little fun with sparkle because on Halloween, anything goes!"

3. Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

This is actually an elaborate excuse to skip the long line for the ladies room; instead, you can just walk confidently into the men's restroom as Moaning Myrtle, the ghost from the Harry Potter series that haunted the boys bathroom in the book series. You're just in character, OK!

You're going to be using blue face paint, similar to the Sadness look, but this one will be a little more, well, dead, right down to grey-tinged lips. Another great thing about this one? You'll also have an excuse to rock messy hair. Please and thank you.

4. Jessica Day from New Girl

Irish beauty blogger Melanie Murphy already kinda looks like Deschanel, so she's the perfect person to show us how to cop the New Girl's makeup look. Murphy's routine for achieving the look is as refreshingly simple as Jessica Day's surely is. She starts with mineral powder and moves on to blush on the apples of her cheeks. From there, it's a glossy, cherry-colored lip and a "doe-eyed" makeup look that she makes by blending Urban Decay's Naked palette. Brows are lightly lined and brushed, and she back-combs her hair before curling it to get the bouncy body that Deschanel, and her character, are famous for.

5. Orange Is The New Black's Alex

Befitting what I imagine a prison beauty routine is like, this look is quick and easy. The focus is definitely all about the frames, and the super pronounced eyebrows drive it home.

It's seriously uncanny how much Madeyewlook looks pretty much exactly like OITNB'S Alex after filling in her brows, priming her eyes and layering on light pink eyeshadow. She lines them pretty dramatically with liquid liner from Night Owl, her own makeup line (she's kind of like Piper in that way, huh?) to achieve the same shape as Alex, and adds some light contouring to her cheeks. Black glasses complete the look. Then, she actually paints on her prison uniform — white undershirt included — which is absolutely fascinating to watch her do, but if you're planning on heading out of the house, I'd recommend just buying or dying an orange tee.

6. Harry Potter's Lighting-Bolt:

Don't even think about penciling a squiggle onto your forehead and calling it a day. Follow this tutorial by VFX Makeup and make it look like you only narrowly escaped Voldemort and lived to tell about it. She even brushes on some Rigid Collodium (scar liquid) onto the scar to give it depth and make it even more realistic. This will definitely earn you some double-takes as people marvel at the fact that you coincidentally have the same scar as Harry Potter.

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Image: Screengrab/YouTube