What To Know About Yourself Before This Year Ends

There are only about three months left in 2015. Granted, a lot can happen in that time, but when it feels like we were ringing in 2015 not too long ago, it's honestly hard to imagine that the Year We Saw Bieber's Bare Butt is drawing to a close awfully quickly. When you have time — whether it's while you're sitting at work staring blankly at your computer, or while cooking dinner later — stop and think where you were at the beginning of 2015. What were you doing in January? Who were you close to? How were you filling your days? Then, compare it to where you are now.

In January 2015, I had a different job, in a different field. I lived in a different apartment, without a roommate, on an entirely different side of town. I was panicking constantly (I suppose I still panic constantly, but now it’s about things that are less trivial, which is very exciting). Even though it does not feel like tons of time has passed, I’ve actually gotten incredibly lucky with the amount that my life has changed this year. And, on top of all that, I learned how to properly get ice out of a finicky ice tray this year. So, a lot can happen in 2015 — and plenty can still change. Here are nine things you should learn about yourself before the end of 2015:

1. What Your Bra Size Is

How are you going to set a resolution to BUY NEW BRAS that don't have holes in them, if you don't know your actual size? Too many women are buying the wrong size, and it's a good idea to make sure you're not one of them.

2. What You Want Out Of Your Career For The Upcoming Year

We tend to scare ourselves by thinking we need to know what's going to happen for the next 20 years of our career. Not the case. Of course, forward-thinking is good — but I think for goal setting, looking at the coming year, and what you want out of it, is the best place to start.

3. What Your Signature Dish Is (At Home), And Your Go-To Drink Order

First, you should know what you love to cook — or at least be set on a recipe you're good at cooking, that will satisfy you, and discourage you from ordering too much takeout. And second, learn what drink you like to order at a bar. Are you a G&T person, or do you always get beers at happy hour? Know yourself so you can follow your bliss.

4. What Type Of Clothing You Feel Happiest In

What makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in your skin? Not what is most "flattering," because 2015 is the year we finally embraced that "flattering" is a problematic myth. Find what it is that makes you happiest to see come clean out of the laundry, and start learning to purge your closet of the clothing pieces that have the opposite effect, and find more ways to wear the clothes you love.

5. Whom You Like Confiding In

And why they are your go-to person. If you have someone like that in your life, remember that they're hard to come by, and that you should show your appreciation for the fact that they're in your life, and put up with your bullsh*t.

6. Why You Make Your Parents Proud

And why you're like them, or not like them. Sometimes I will catch myself doing something that I KNOW my dad would have told me to do, and it never fails to put me in a good mood. I think you cross into a certain age when you realize how proud you are to be like your parents, or that you're glad to have picked up so many of their mannerisms, and so much of their knowledge.

7. What You Can Do To Calm Yourself Down

One of the things that will make you feel more independent is learning how to take care of yourself when you're feeling anxious, nervous, or upset. Understanding what routine you can do to keep yourself relaxed after a stressful day will make you feel like you have your life together.

8. What You Bring To A Relationship

You don't need to have had a successful relationship in 2015 for this. You need to give yourself credit for the qualities you have that make a relationship work — regardless of whether a relationship is working for you at this very moment, or not.

9. And What You Struggle With In Relationships

While recognizing that you need to work on is not a good ol' time, there's also no time like the present to confront it. Being honest about your shortcomings, and how you're working on them, will make you feel more in control of your behavior, which can ultimately put you in better standings with yourself. And being on good terms with yourself is what really matters.

Image: Pexels, Giphy (9)