You Never Noticed These 'Casper' Moments

It is common belief that Casper is a friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost you know. However, Casper is also a 1995 movie/Halloween classic starring Christina Ricci, lots of CGI, and unabridged, fun ridiculousness. Yes, while you may have loved this ghost story as a kid, I’m here to tell you that 20 years later it's a little dated (as movies released decades ago are wont to be)… and that makes it my ~Halloween~ bad movie re-watch of the week.

Just to retread the plot real quick, some rich woman with a ridiculous name is trying to find her hidden family fortune. HOWEVER, ghosts (friendly like Casper, and otherwise) populate the house, so she hires a ghost psychologist to get rid of them. Along with this ghost psychologist is his tween daughter Kat (Wednesday Addams — I mean, Christina Ricci) who Casper falls in love with.

Now, granted, Casper as a movie — Halloween-themed or not — falls under the category of solid. Like, I’ll watch it when it’s on ABC’s 13 Nights of Halloween, but I also don’t spend all season waiting around for it with baited breath like I do other Halloween flicks like The Addams Family and Hocus Pocus. In any case, allow me to walk you through some of Casper’s craziest moments.

1. This Woman's Name Is Literally "Carrigan"

Most unbelievable part of this movie.

2. This Message Was Written In Like... Fire Sensitive Ink?


3. The Amount Of Fear Over This Thing That Literally Looks Like A Limbless Pillsbury Doughboy

4. Casper's Preferred Method Of Transportation Is Going Down Power Lines So He Can Trigger Televisions On And Off

Is that how you ghost?

5. This Is A Not-At-All Suspicious Way To Hold A Child's Head

"Oh yes, you'll make perfect bait for the pre-pubescent dead boy that lives here."

6. "There's A Girl... On My Bed... Yes!"

You're a literal child and barely corporeal, so good luck unpacking that reality.

7. Sure Enough, This Is How He Seduces Her

8. Meanwhile The Ghosts Haunt Dr. Harvey By Turning Him Into Mel Gibson

Oof, things are getting too scary too quickly.

9. When Kat Introduces Herself As Kat Blonde Popular Rando Meows And Everyone Bursts Into Hysterics Like She's Amy Schumer Or Something

To recap, "Kat" is hilarious.

10. "Hey, Why Don't We Just Hold The School Dance At This Chick's Haunted House?"

"That's a great way to introduce her to the neighborhood."

11. Dr. Harvey Trusts The Ghost Uncles When They Say They Know His Wife

Understanding, because they've been so kind and genuine thus far.

It doesn't turn out as planned.

12. Casper Tries To Convince Kat To Take Him To The Dance

Casper, plz, you're dead.

13. Then To Convince Her He Gently Carries Her Through The Night Sky

"We're both dead now, you happy?"

14. "Kat? Can I Keep You?"

"Casper, it's 4 a.m., can I live?"

15. "I Don't Want To Look Cute, I Want To Look Nice. I Want To Look Date-Nice."

What the hell does "date-nice" mean?"


16. WTF Is Even Happening Here?

Like I get that he's being haunted, but how is this even logistically working?

17. Plot Hole: Casper Is Listed As 11 In The Papers When He's Supposed To Be 12

I'm so sad I noticed this.

18. This Human Carwash Casper's Dad Invented

You really start to understand why he was eventually institutionalized.

19. What?


20. Meanwhile The Ghosts Uncles Are Able To Chill At The Bar Without Being Detected

The only makes sense because it seems like nobody is working here.

21. You Know You're Drunk When You're Making Out With Your Dead BFF


22. Somehow Carrigan Is Able To Have Both Ghost Hair And A Ghost Dress, Despite It Being Pretty Clear That Nobody Gets Either In The Afterlife

Like, they don't have pinkies, let alone clothes.

Double this for Dr. Harvey and his Ghost Cardigan.

23. "Hey What Up, We're Here For The Party, Did You Singularly Set It All Up For Our Arrival?"

Again, Kat's class really knows how to make a girl feel welcome.

24. Oh, And Awesome, They Invited The Entire School

"You think there's enough chips and dip for 20 people?"

25. Are You... Are You An Angel?"

She's decked out in blood red, Casper, I don't know if you want an honest answer to that question.

26. Did Everyone In The Early '90s Have This Haircut?

I distinctly remember every dude with those spiky bleach bangs, so maybe I was born a little late for the notorious middle-part to populate my class.

27. "Can I Keep You?"

"Idk, Casper, I just feel like you're smothering me,"

28. And Then They All Run Away

Because it's just too much to handle.

Good thing Casper's a friendly ghost, because Kat's not going to have any friends after that shindig.

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