10 College Friends It's OK To Lose Touch With

College is four years of having too many friend groups. Don't get me wrong, each friend group has its own merit and leads you to the people you will be friends with forever. But much like you kiss a lot of frogs before finding a guy or gal you might want to hang out with for a long time, you kiss a lot of friendship frogs — if that analogy translates. Some of the friendships you make in college will last you a life time — they'll be the yin to your yang, the Tia to your Tamera, the Kimmy Gibbler to your DJ, the Lane Kim to your Rory, or even the Gretchen Weiners to your Regina George if you enjoy being mean more than you enjoy reading in Stars Hollow. But some friendships, no matter what you do, will eventually fall away.

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to keep up with the many friend groups we've accumulated. You simply can't stay close to every person you knew from high school, college, and beyond. It's too many people. In an ideal world, we'd have two-hour conversations with everyone we cared about once a week, but that's not realistic for anyone. Growing apart from friends doesn't make you a bad friend; it just means you're surrounding yourself with quality, rather than quantity. Here are 10 friends from college you don't need to stay in touch with:

1. Your Party-Only Friends

Shot-taking companions were a very important part of your life at one point, but if you don't want to have coffee with them now, that's OK.

2. The Friends That Were Never Happy For You

Surround yourself with nice people. You're not in college anymore, so you don't have an obligation to deal with someone just because they're on the same campus as you.

3. The Friends Who Ghosted As Soon As They Started Dating Someone

The one that was by your side until they met someone. Be happy for them. They deserve to be with someone great. But if they can't realize that you were worth keeping around, that's a problem. You shouldn't be the one constantly reaching out and getting nothing in return. You don't have time for one-sided friendships anymore.

4. The One You Were Only Friends With Because You Needed Their Notes

¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You guys can go your separate ways now.

5. The People You Always Did Group Projects With

Or the ones you feel obligated to stay in contact with because they were in your major, and you think it's good networking. If you're only staying friends with someone because they might have a big break in their career, that's not the best motive. Nix 'em.

6. Friends Of Your Ex

Unless you're actually close to them, you don't need to stay friends with your ex's friend group just to ~make a good impression~.

7. The Friend That Was Your Friend Because They Were In All The Same Clubs As You

Let's be honest... your relationship was based on gossiping about the president of the club. But you don't have that commonality anymore — and no one's heartbroken about that.

8. The Friends You Went On A Service Trip With And Became Best Friends With For A Week

Campfire bonding: Sometimes you find lifetime friends, and sometimes it's a circumstantial friendship, which is OK too.

9. The One You Were Friends With Until You Hooked Up And It Got Weird

Aaaaand that's a wrap on that friendship.

10. Your Freshman Year Roommates That You Didn't Actually Get Along With

I got lucky, because I still have a lot of love for my freshman year roommates, but if you didn't click with yours while in college, you certainly don't have to click now. You can just like their profile picture once a year, and leave it at that.

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