Will Ruby Rose Sing At The MTV EMA's?

Though already an international superstar, when Ruby Rose co-hosts the 2015 MTV European Music Awards, she'll truly be given an international platform, alongside Ed Sheeran. On Oct. 25, the pair will be presenting awards like "Best Live Act," "Biggest Fans," and "Best Danish Act" to some of the world's biggest musicians. Ed Sheeran will be performing alongside electronic act Rudimental, but will Rose be given a chance to perform music at this music awards ceremony? Is that even an option — can Ruby Rose sing? She is known primarily as an actress thanks to her role as Stella Carlin on Orange Is The New Black, but she also has musical experience as a DJ, in addition to being a pretty great vocalist.

Rose's rise to fame came from being a popular Australian model and MTV VJ, but despite knowing how to work seemingly any kind of camera, Rose was also gifted with a pretty fantastic singing voice. She's released a few songs that showcase a powerful and confident voice, but it seems she has been placing more effort into being an actress and filmmaker lately, working on projects like the short film Break Free. However, Rose is going to be surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in the world and will have a microphone in her hand, there's no reason for her not to sing.

Ruby Rose's first and only official single so far is "Guilty Pleasure" (above), a collaboration with Gary Go that features a driving electronic pulse and yearning, emotional lyrics. Rose's voice combined with the lyrics comes across as a darkly-tinted version of a Chvrches song. While she seems to have dropped out of singing, there's no reason she wouldn't be able to show off her skills at the EMAs. After this single, Rose has primarily returned to DJing when seeking to express herself through music, so it would be more likely for her to get behind a DJ booth at the EMAs and start spinning some of her favorite mixes.

In interviews, her singing career usually does not come up, since Rose has accomplished so many other wonderful things to highlight. However, the EMAs are the perfect place to announce a new musical career, and Rose has become enough of a star that she would be able to make an easy transition from acting to music if she so chose. Hopefully, we'll at least get to see Rose rock the mic for a quick song or two when the MTV EMAs air on Oct. 25 at 8 p.m.