The 'Back To The Future' Honest Trailer Is Gold

At this point, the team over at Screen Junkies are nothing short of legendary — so, it shouldn't surprise anyone that their honest trailer for the Back to the Future trilogy is amazing. And as they truly understand their fan-base, Screen Junkies waited until this super-sacred day ( Back to the Future day on Wednesday, in case you've been living under a rock!) to drop the trailer, and it's nothing short of hilarious.

The Honest Trailer starts by riffing on the fact that the movie is produced by Steven Spielberg, his all important name gracing the credits. "From Steven Spielberg's ... buddy," the voice-over announces, "comes the blockbuster hit that stands the test of time, the sequel that launched a million BS Facebook posts ..." so from the outset it's clear that Screen Junkies have been looking forward to this day as much as the rest of us. And thank goodness those Back to the Future hoaxes will stop now!

We're told to "prepare for a trilogy of era-defining films," whilst it's pointed out that the plots of each movie are totally the same (apparently binge-watching messes with your head). And in true Screen Junkies style, their trailer is truly a compilation of best bits, insightful quotes, and crazy anomalies! Watch it immediately and weep.

1. Doc's Kid Is Cray Cray

How did I never notice before that Doc Brown's kid is straight out of a horror movie? In fact, I'm convinced this actor went on to great things after Back to the Future Part III based off this scene alone. What is up dude? You're time-traveling! Chill!

2. Clock-Blocking Is A Thing

Remember "Save The Clock Tower" and that all-important flyer that Marty was given? Well, the campaign's been rebranded and henceforth it shall only be known as clock-blocking. Every time Marty and Jennifer's kiss is interrupted, or anyone's for that matter, they've been clock-blocked.

3. 'Back To The Future II' Was Right About Many Things

3-D movies and unnecessary sequels? Check! FaceTime calls at inappropriate or unwanted moments? Check! For a film made in the '80s, it was mad insightful about what 2015 would be like!

4. The Credits For Honest Trailers Always Kill Me

Screen Junkies go for the jugular here, and get it bang on. Hot Car Time Machine is right, yo!

5. Perfect Symmetry

The repetition in the Back to the Future movies is most certainly purposeful, and Screen Junkies ribbing it is so damn endearing. They're a crew after my own heart. Forget Taylor Swift and her BFFs — there's only one group with the #SquadGoals I'm after. Where do I sign up?

Spot on as always, thanks to Screen Junkies for making Back to the Future Day impossibly better. Watch their Honest Trailer below!

Images: Universal Pictures; ScreenJunkies/YouTube (5)